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Very simple CPLD prototyping board, where. At another project which is making single board computer, its circuit is simplified by Xilinx XC XC is out-of-production device but still can be got, for example here.

In my case, XC is selected for board, but generally no need to stick it. Sometimes XC VQG44 has more attractive price, which is pin compatible and doubled programmable elements. XC simple board capable of. Indeed, I had a knowledge that some kind of special download hardware ex.

ISE Design Suite has some trouble on Windows 10 64bit environment and please find its solution by googling some "libPortability. Double click "Boundary Scan" and right click on the right window and select "Add Xilinx Device and select generated. Now full assembled CPLD trainer board is sold my tindie. Eventually I submit one product for Tindie. I think most of hackaday. Alignment is quite important but your hand will be enough good tool.

Just gently push by soldering iron is enough to connect. No additional solder is needed. If you have some concern, add small amount of solder for each electrode. ISE has lots of pre-defined 74 series components and just select it and connect wire will provide the circuit what you want!

I guess schematic implementation still has lots of potential for education purpose. I am not sure someone will try to make same 4-bit CPU, but already related sources are uploaded to github.

And also XCXL board with 3. You may think LED blinking is just blinking, but. I completely know and understood XC without XL is obsolete long time ago in dog year.

I explained why I used XC is just I ordered too much ones for completion. Not only availability problem and voltage problem, XC naturally can handle 4-times couplex circuit than Indeed I already implement 4-bit CPU which I introduced in another project and binary downloading works perfectly, as same as previous XC board procedure. CPLD is a programmable logic and NOT analogue component but when I think about logic component in 74 series, they are working for some exceptional operation.

Here I confirmed two "exceptional" cases. These fact should be well known by experts but please enjoy it. It is well known that inverter in can work as analogue amplifier by putting proper feedback resistors. My question is, the inverter in CPLD can work as amplifier by proper resistor? The answer was, NO! The inverting signal is generated by some "artificial" I know it is not good word, but synthesized? View all 4 project logs. Those XC parts are no longer made.

Yeah I know it. This time I just made by spare parts but hopefully I will make another one with XL.. Actually already using flux for soldering..

Also, you will see some difference on soldering part in the initial picture and 7-seg working picture. Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates. About Us Contact Hackaday. Yes, delete it Cancel. Join this project user-add. Similar projects worth following close. Sometimes XC VQG44 has more attractive price, which is pin compatible and doubled programmable elements For board completion purpose, I have obtained ten package of it.

Fortunately I did not have any loss of XC for making , and remaining 9! So I made, XC simple board capable of. Here I would explain how to "download" to this board. In my case, my CPLD becomes 7-seg driver. Actual operation indeed no-worth-to-see can be found at the following movie.. Put enough solder on electrode. Remove solder by de-solder braid Not all of solder but most solder should be removed.

Residue will work as glue! Carefully align chip and gently push every electrode Alignment is quite important but your hand will be enough good tool. Widely square wave generation is realised by or but is it possible by CPLD?

The answer is in the following movie.. Question 2 CPLD can work as analogue amplifier?? Sign up Already a member? Thanks for the pointer to the USB programmer software. Similar Projects The Hackaday Prize. A dev board for the ATMega32u4. An uber-blinky way to say "I love you".

Does this project spark your interest? Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member.