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While many people do not think of cash as an investment, it is often a substantial portion of your financial portfolio. Whether accumulated in checking or savings accounts or short-term certificates of deposit, you should make sure your money is working in the most effective way possible. Earning competitive returns on your "cash investments" should be part of your overall financial strategy. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you create a plan for your cash investments.

For example, a 10000 5 year cd account, which provides convenient access to your money, will usually pay lower interest rates than a savings account that limits the number of monthly transactions. With a Certificate of Deposit CDyou commit your funds for a certain term and earn higher interest rates. CD terms typically range from a three months to five years with the longest maturity CD usually paying the highest rate.

However, CDs do not allow for early access without an interest penalty. Here is a typical chart of interest rates for different types of accounts. Choosing the best account, or combination of accounts, depends on how you use your cash.

You may want to consider a strategy that 10000 5 year cd two or three accounts for your particular cash needs. Your savings account, which you use to save for major expenses i. But look what happens if you distribute your funds differently. The following example uses CDs of 3-month, 10000 5 year cd and 1-year terms to earn higher rates, yet still provides liquidity for emergencies or making that major purchase at the end of the year. Of course, you have to pay attention to the features of the accounts you choose for your cash investments.

By taking into consideration how you use your money, however, 10000 5 year cd can improve the returns and possibly make that major purchase a little sooner. Choosing the Right Type of Account 10000 5 year cd Your Cash While many people do not think of cash as an investment, it is often a substantial portion of your 10000 5 year cd portfolio. Liquidity and activity levels usually influence the interest rates offered on different types of cash accounts. Liquidity means how quickly you can access to your funds.

Activity means how often you can use the account. Generally, accounts that allow more liquidity and more activity pay lower interest rates.

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This is amongst the best CD rates available for certificates with 5 year terms. Their banking locations, hours and staff have all ways been very acceptable. The tellers at both the counter and the drive through have been very enjoyable to work with as well, even when the lines are quite long, they do make the effort to get you on your way quickly. One time I needed an unsecured loan to help pay for a credit card which raised my interest rate suddenly.

I walked into my local Compass Bank location and was greeted by one of their staff immediately. We spoke about my situation and he offered a solution to help me cover the balance of the credit card which a product of theirs. He was very empathetic about the situation and was able to speak to his management to arrange a loan for me.

He drew up the terms and I signed the loan agreement that afternoon. I was very thankful for their help and I would definitely recommend my bank to anyone who was interested. Citibank is a solid bank that has consistently provided high quality services to it's customers. Among their offerings include savings accounts, debit and credit cards, mortgages, loans, checking accounts, and many more.

Citibank is a leading bank globally with million client accounts and it does businesses in over countries. Citibank features average CD rates, but with a greater feeling of stability because it is such a big bank. Citibank's current CD rates include.

Again, they aren't the best CD rates available but you can rest assured that your deposit will be safe with Citibank. The current rates on these CDs are 0. Its month CD is also near the top of the rate charts with a 1. Funding can be done with an ACH transfer from an existing checking account. The CD rate locks when you submit the application.

The online application allows you to specify up to 3 beneficiaries. One nice thing about this beneficiary section is that it doesn't require the beneficiaries' social security numbers.

The only required fields are the beneficiary name, relationship and percentage amount. If you have experience with internet CDs, you know it's important to learn the details for not only opening the CD, but also the details for closing the CD at maturity and receiving the funds. Upon maturity of the CD, you will receive a maturity notice. If you choose to move the funds at that time, we would ask that we receive written notification from you. We welcome notification by fax, mail, or an attachment to an email.

Upon maturity, we will be happy to ACH funds into an account we received by online application. However, if the application was received by mail, we would use a check to distribute funds. The early withdrawal penalty will be accessed based on the term of the deposit - 90 days simple interest for terms less than 1 year; days simple interest for terms of 1 year or longer. Early withdrawal penalty is calculated on the amount of the amount withdrawn. The disclosure gives the bank the right to refuse an early withdrawal.

If you plan to use interest from the CD as income, you can have it paid monthly, semi annually or annually. So far, Bank of America 's CD and savings account rates in are pretty abysmal. The best CD rate available is currently their 10 year CD, which yields 2. Their promotional offers probably offer the best deal as far as Bank of America products go, but to be honest they are still quite terrible.

One thing to note is that BofA automatically renews their CDs with the same duration if you do not opt out once the term is up. There is also an early withdrawal penalty for all these CDs. Bank of America savings and money market accounts have laughable rates - the only reason you would keep your money in a BofA savings account is because they are "Too Big to Fail.

You can also manage your account at your own convenience by enrolling to online banking. Current CD rates are subject to change without prior notice. In case you decide to withdraw money before the maturity date, you will have to pay for the early withdrawal fee. The earnings of this money in the bank is compounded daily and paid on a monthly basis or on the maturity date. The bank will automatically renew your certificate of deposit account once it matures, so make sure to inform the bank if you want to withdraw your money at least 10 days after the maturity date.

You can take advantage of this top CD rates by completing the application form online. You can also call customer service hotline in case you have other questions with regard to current certificate of deposit rates or requirements that you will be needing to open an account thru Dime Savings Bank was established in The bank is also insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation with certificate number The interest rate on this certificate of deposit is current as of June 1, , and can change at any time.

Shorter certificate of deposit terms than those listed are also available. The CD rates assume that the principal and interest will remain on deposit for the full term. Early withdrawal of funds results in a penalty fee. E-loan offers banking services nationwide.

Accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Dime Savings Bank is currently offering a 3. Early withdrawal penalty is quite steep, however - if you withdraw early you'll lose 2 years interest. Dime Savings Bank is located in New York. This is only available to residents of New York. Bank of America 's featured CDs don't have the greatest rates. If you look closely at one of the big banks, you can almost always find a decent rate or two.

However you'll never usually find a rate thats comparable to the best online CD rates. Salem Five is a bank that is based in Massachusetts and has 22 branches in the Boston area. However, their online CDs are available nationwide. They have 3 special CDs - 14, 24, and 60 month CDs. The 14 month CD has a 1. Carthage Savings and Loan also has other checking and savings accounts with various rates of interest.

For instance, you can open a month certificate of deposit that earns 1. Carthage Savings and Loan is based in Carthage, N. The savings and loan has been in business since and serves Jefferson and Lewis counties in New York. You can open an account at its three locations or apply for an account online. A representative will call you to complete the application process.

Enter a new location:. A recent review of BBVA from one of our readers: CD Rates , bbva compass bank. CD Rates , citibank. CD Rates , doral bank direct. This product is only available as a standard CD. After 6 months you have a one-time option to raise the rate for the remaining 12 months.

The new rate will be based off of current market conditions at that time. Regular CDs Edition: Savings , CD Rates , bank of america. Savings , CD Rates. CD Rates , dime savings bank , new york cd rates. CD Rates , dime direct. The only other above-average CD rates at Bank of America: CD Rates , bank of america. Their website has an online application where you can aply for the certificate of deposits.

CD Rates , salem five. This checking account features: CD Rates , Checking. Checking , CD Rates.