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Investing in the Colombo Stock Market can be an unfamiliar business for a new investor, who has not had prior experience in stock markets. A number of elements need to be considered when you turn your mind to the prospect of investing in shares.

Process of investing in securities through the CSE Investing in securities [ Costs related to investing The brokerage fees charged for buying or selling shares up to Rs.

Transactions cost above Rs. Gathering information through credible sources The primary sources of information, which can be accessed free are investment research reports, daily commentary, flash investment ideas and earnings calls published by the stock broker.

It is imperative that investors follow these published research material and make their own investment decisions. Investors need to be financially literate, have the time to read and understand company research reports and financial reports to invest wisely. If they are too busy with their job or other responsibilities and do not have the time to manage their own investments or do not know enough about investing on their own, then they need professional investment advice.

Obtaining professional advice Choosing a stock broker firm that helps you to build your wealth is the single most important decision you will make as an investor.

Find out what kind of investment advice and research support you require. Get referrals about your Investment Advisor. You can find out from other people about the broker they use and why they have selected them, it is better to choose someone whom you have heard good things about. Find out whether the broker firm adheres to a high standard of ethical behaviour and fiduciary responsibility. Ask them if the firm or their investment advisors have been disciplined by the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC for unethical or improper conduct.

Ask the firm about the safeguards they have put in place both from a security best stock brokers in sri lanka your information and risk management point of view. Does the investment firm maintain a risk management system, information security and controls to protect your funds and confidential information?

These questions are not exhaustive. They will help you identify a stock broker that will best meet your personal investment objectives. Main advantages of investing in equities The supply and demand of securities determine the price of the securities traded on the secondary market. The main advantage best stock brokers in sri lanka investing best stock brokers in sri lanka the secondary market is that the investors get best stock brokers in sri lanka opportunity to buy and sell securities to achieve higher returns than from fixed deposits FDs over the long term.

The price of securities in the secondary market fluctuate based on how investors perceive future earnings of the company, local and global socio-economic and political factors affect security prices. Smart investors can take advantage to buy undervalued securities due to market fluctuations and sell the securities at a profit when they go up in value. Second advantage is that, an investor can buy securities that pay good dividends and create a stream of income irrespective of market price movements.

Fixed Deposits — The risk best stock brokers in sri lanka objective Investing in securities involves taking risks as security prices can go up as well as down and therefore is subject to uncertainty of returns. Hence an investor should be prepared to accept volatility or change in the value of the principal invested in securities and dividend payments.

The equity investor is usually compensated for this uncertainty or risk by better returns than any other asset class, where he will see his investment value grow over time, provided the investor follows prudent investment principles and invests smartly. People invest in equities of companies and undertake entrepreneurial activity as there is tremendous long term value creation in properly governed companies. The capital market offers the means to participate as an owner in the growth of best stock brokers in sri lanka companies that make up the Sri Lanka economy.

Investing in FDs is perceived as low risk by most Sri Lankans as the principal invested does not fluctuate in value and both principal and pre-determined interest for the best stock brokers in sri lanka is received at maturity of the FD.

Although the principal and interest of a FD do not change over the term of the deposit, the investor still bears the default risk or the bank or finance company being unable to pay back the principal and interest. Further, the investor in the FD bears inflation risk or erosion of purchasing power of money over time. Leveraging to maximise returns Leveraging allows experienced investors to buy more stock than they are able to, by pledging stocks in their portfolio and borrowing against it.

Trading in shares using leverage, called margin trading or broker credit was quite popular during the bull runs of the stock market. The main advantage of trading using leverage is that the returns can be far greater when stock prices go up over short periods of time as the interest you pay for borrowed funds pledging stocks in your portfolio is lower. However, leveraging best stock brokers in sri lanka inherently risky, if the stock prices fall significantly the margin provider or best stock brokers in sri lanka who provided credit will force sell to cover the funds lent and the investor can lose.

Risk aspects of margin trading When a stock price goes down, buying on margin can work against you. If the value of a stock goes down below a certain level, the margin provider reserves the rights to force sell the stock to cover the loss. This could accelerate the price drop even further. If the situation intensifies the investor may end up losing his whole portfolio.

Some of our local investors learnt a bitter lesson in the recent past when they lost all their money due to margin calls. Returns through equity investments and other asset classes compared Historically, equity investments have given better returns compared to other asset classes in Sri Lanka as depicted in the graph. All posts are the opinion of the writer. The Sunday Times Sri Lanka. Share This Post Tweet. Other Business Times Articles. Advertising Rates Please contact the advertising office on - for the advertising rates.

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On the 22nd of October the company changed its name to Allied Stock Brokers and, in addition to the head office; a branch in Matara was established.

With the Colombo stock market experienced rapid growth, the company formed an alliance with Phillip Securities of Singapore in This move was in line with the industry trend where several major Sri Lankan stock brokerages entered into partnerships with foreign brokerage houses. The firm was renamed in to Asha Phillip Securities Ltd with renowned high net worth investor, Mr. Phillip Securities continued to retain its holdings in the firm.

Currently the firm operates the largest branch network amongst Sri Lankan stock brokers, bringing the opportunity to invest in capital markets closer to all Sri Lankans. Delight the customer with well-balanced risk-return tradeoffs while strictly adhering to industry ethics. We operate the largest stock brokering network in the country, with highly skilled and trained Investment Advisors. Through our partnership with the Phillip Capital Group of Singapore, we extend our services to overseas investors from our international desk established at Phillip Securities Office at Raffles City in Singapore.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of investment professionals will guide you in selecting the best possible risk-return alternative. Here, we extensively focus on your wealth maximization. You should be signup or login to see the special reports. Our experienced portfolio management team will help you take the best possible position in both debt and equity instruments investments.

Our wealth management strategies are tailored to your investment objectives. We adhere to a strict culture of ethics and compliance and ensure that your investment mandate is strictly adhered to.

Asha Financial services Ltd is a licensed margin provider, providing facilities to customers of Asha Phillip Securities Ltd. Margin trading is an activity of providing finance to clients for the purpose of buying equity. This facility will be provided on the portfolio value of the said customers and is popular with customers who trade regularly.

For more details please contact:. Our highly focused Investment Banking team can help you in securing vital funds flows. DirectFN online trading provides online trading access to investors and active traders who need more than just an average online broker.

With the mission to provide the highest level of service at the lowest cost we take pride in: Providing up to date and easy to use trading technology Prompt, friendly and knowledgeable trader support Security that protects your privacy and personal information.

Download Online Access Application. We are constantly seeking proactive and dynamic professionals to grow our team. We invite you to explore our job opportunities and find out how working with us will help you achieve your personal and professional goals while you help to achieve ours.

We extend this invitation to individuals who are from Advanced Level Science or Management streams with Finance related part or full academic or professional qualifications. Ideal candidate should have a passion to learn and think critically. Individual Local Residents who holds Citizenship. Corporate Locally Incorporated Companies.

Corporate Foreign Incorporated Companies. Our Mission Delight the customer with well-balanced risk-return tradeoffs while strictly adhering to industry ethics. Goh Yong Seng Director. Special You should be signup or login to see the special reports. For more details please contact: Your message has been sent successfully. E-mail must be valid and message must be longer than 1 character.

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