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Binadroid2 is now known as BinaBot V2. The software is off to a great start but a sudden name change was required to be made. Read this direct review to the very end. Important information will be addressed below. So why the name change to BinaBot V2? As you can see in the above banner, the actual name is Binabot V2.

V2 stands for version two of Binadroid. Click here for more info. From our previous review on Binadroid2 click herewe covered a bot of the history of this software. Before delving into the dirty details, we have an important message. BinaBot V2 aka Binadroid2 is a very legitimate and successful auto trader. The distractions and squabble discussed shortly has absolutely no impact on our recommendation. Several months ago the hottest selling binary options auto trader was Binadroid.

The trading app withstood the test of time. Then trouble began to brew. The founder, Troy Everett, is a perfectionist. He is always searching for ways to improve his software. Unfortunately the technology company that produced the original Binadroid made changes of its own. These unauthorized changes really sent Binadroid backward. At the same time, Mr. Everett was reworking his software to create something better.

He and the tech department had serious differences of opinion. As a result, Troy Everett took Binadroid2 and went elsewhere. Here is where this story gets interesting. Once Everett took BinaBot V2 to a new technology company, sparks flew.

The first marketing group realized that BinaBot V2 was going to be viral. The new features were cutting edge. Rather than surrender its ego, the marketers waged war with Everett and his team. What a huge mistake. There were many false accusations being made towards the creator of Binadroid. Things quickly turned ugly. Keep in mind the only issue here was creative difference led the owner of the trading algorithm to seek a new production team to make a video presentation.

The fallout from all the quibbling is immature. First, the original production crew placed the following statement on the original Binadroid website. Regardless of who is at fault for any situation, this post is unacceptable. The misspellings are numerous. It reads like a young child wrote it. What is important to note is the misinformation contained in this warning. None of what is written is true. We personally have spent many hours researching. Our conversations conclude without question this is all a lie.

None of this pop up makes any sense at all. Troy Everett and Michael Freeman both fired back. We have on good authority that lawyers have insisted on removal of this pop up. We no longer advise anyone to consider the original Binadroid.

However should you visit that website this pop up is non existent. We apologize for writing a bit of a soap opera. The background is necessary to understand the name change to BinaBot V2.

With all of the drama surrounding a simple change of productions companies, Troy Everett wanted some space. He chose to remove the Binadroid2 name tag and assign BinaBot V2. Well more like Binabot V2. Set aside all the side stories and focus on results. BinaBot V2 is living up to the hype. The trading results are outstanding. Our Youtube channel has all of the live trading results. Simply click the banner below! We review them all the time.

Requests pile up in our email asking for investigations. In doing so we hope to find reputable auto traders. There are very few. When we find one, we are thrilled. Binabot V2 is one of those great opportunities. We highly suggest you check it out!

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