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Last week, in Part 1I focused on the game Batman: Arkham City as an example of video games binary domain faye robot vacuum low expectations for male behavior. I have more examples of this practice to share, so lets get to it! Early on, I was tasked with assembling a team from a multinational group of soldiers a collection of basic stereotypes that I could send into battle.

That was sexual harassment These men are supposed to be professionals, heroes damn it… not the criminals we saw in Arkham City. We associate with these guys. In Lollipop Chainsawyou play as Juliette Starling, high school cheerleader. Juliette is a zombie hunter. Convenient, because on her 18th birthday a bullied goth boy in her class decides to unleash a zombie curse instead of employing the far too common real world practice of shooting up the school.

So why is there a head binary domain faye robot vacuum off her backside? She decapitated Nick to save his life after he was bitten by a zombie. I disagree with this assertion. The game takes too much pleasure in repeatedly sexualizing and demeaning Juliette to qualify as parody. Lollipop Chainsaw is nothing more than an insane, exploitative game about a half-naked, lollipop-sucking, chainsaw-wielding, zombie-hunting cheerleader. Now lets examine some of the male characters you saw in this clip and their treatment of Juliette:.

That the boys are just saying out loud things they usually think to themselves. Please… look at that video again if you think reality has any place in this discussion. His battle provides the only moment that approaches actual commentary to me. During the battle, Zed yells degrading and offensive names at Juliette and each becomes a physical object that flies towards her to do damage. The game is ludicrous and fantastical, like a drug trip… yet in all three of these games men are depicted in much the same way.

Games like these do not exist in a vacuum. They are mirrors, graphical representations of beliefs that exists within our world. It makes sense game developers depict men this way if you think about it. Just turn on the evening news. Expand your definitions of masculinity and stop sexualizing all your female charactersmaybe then your games will achieve a level of reality you never dreamed possible.

Matthew February 10, Is he a perv? Now if you would be so kind could you deconstruct the many examples of overly sexualized male heroes? Would definitely give that a read, as I feel it is just as relevant a binary domain faye robot vacuum. Well done on this one by the way. Duane de Binary domain faye robot vacuum February 10, Matthew, Thank you for your comment. I agree it could be something interesting to tackle.

About Sensei Morikawa… I stand corrected, I did misuse the term pedophile. I binary domain faye robot vacuum have called him an ephebophile someone with a sexual preference for those in their mid to late teens instead. Or even, based on my assumption that he was teaching her from a much younger age and still acting as we saw maybe even a hebephile sexual interest in pubescent kids… approx 11—14 years old.

Some even have children of their own. Matthew February 12,2: Regarding the last paragraph of your response, of course I was only making a point. And please do write more, this was quite good. Welcome binary domain faye robot vacuum How Manly, my blog about masculinity in the media mostly.

I do my best to post weekly, but these days its determined more by my available time and level of inspiration. Either way, you can always sign up just below to have new posts delivered to your inbox. Here at How Manly, we dissect mass media visions of masculinity, placing them under the microscope in search of deeper understanding and the answers to questions like; Is this what it means to be a man?

You sure about that? How Manly was created by educator, media critic and activist, Duane de Fouras a place to explore these topics outside of presentations, talks and lectures. This site rocks the Thesis Classic Skin for Thesis. See what I mean? Now lets examine some of the male characters you saw in this clip binary domain faye robot vacuum their treatment of Juliette: More Posts Like This: Thanks for reading and commenting! Never miss a post. Have updates sent to you: Dumb Men, Hotter Binary domain faye robot vacuum.

Bitch and the Gamer — Part 1. Bitch and the Gamer — Part 2.

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