Beginner Binary Options Winning Strategy - Up to 70%-80% Average Winning Chances

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We trade binary options strategies and forex strategies that work and share our experience freely. In our view, the combination of knowledge on the markets and technical skills could lead to some great results.

To be relevant to all different trading platforms, we are constantly working on new set ups and adding some custom indicators on the charts. Binary Strategies Forex Strategies. To make profit, we need to trade smart. First, you need to learn to identify trends building a binary option strategy 2015 then wait for a confirmation candle that will eventually tell you the price is in strong momentum and the trend will continue.

You have to approach trading with lower building a binary option strategy 2015 and follow real action on the charts to build knowledge. The ADX-based trading strategy is a simple intraday system, it is ideally used by day traders. The Bollinger bands and RSI strategy can be used as a simple way to enter a trade right before volatility expands. The simplicity of this trading strategy is that it can be used on time frames of H1 and H4.

This makes the strategy easy to follow up, especially for day traders. The trading strategy outlined offers a good system to building a binary option strategy 2015.

To be a successful forex trader, you need to be patient and wait for the right moment to enter a trade. Trading the breakouts is a very simple pattern, and traders can use it to profit on the forex markets.

How to successfully trade at HighLow is what you are asking. Building a binary option strategy 2015 of you are struggling to maintain winning trades in a longer period, and this is mainly because you are focusing on indicators instead of analysing candlestick patterns.

Of course, the outcome for everyone will be different, and it all depends on your skills, knowledge and experience. This is a simple IQ Option strategy based on two indicators: Bollinger Bands and EMA. It works really well in our experience, but you need to be patient and follow the rules. After some months of trading and testing, we would like to share with you a 60 second strategy that can make you profits in a long run.

It is a smart and profitable binary options strategy because it protects us from many false signals and generates very accurate call and put signals. Awesome Oscillator inventor, Bill Williams defines the Awesome Oscillator as a better indicator of the driving forces in the stock and commodity markets, and even claims that a trader may successfully invest in futures and stocks by only using it. These indicators, if used properly, do not only provide a high percentage of correct signals, but may be used as different market filters for each other.

Trading 60 seconds could be profitable but you need learn analyzing the charts - read more how to profit with engulfing pattern formation. Pinocchio can be easily implemented in your daily strategy without knowledge of fundamental analysis, you can use it for commodity futures, stocks and Forex trading. It is an advanced strategy which involves mathematical cognition and experience in the financial markets.

If you are new to binary option better try it first on a demo account. This method of trading is described first by Linda Raschke. It is important to identify the graphical model on the chart correctly. If the trader makes a mistake, it can lead to the fact that it will suffer losses.

A strategy for traders who prefer medium and long term binary option trades which building a binary option strategy 2015 our opinion give more chance to make a profit in the long run. Not every trader has enough funds to trade using this strategy. But, unlike the casino, binary options have one significant advantage.

Traders may use building a binary option strategy 2015 methods of building a binary option strategy 2015 analysis and, thus, their chances of making a profit increase appreciably. Trading the news is profitable, albeit risky strategy, but many traders successfully use it, getting a decent profit. You need to carefully consider your options expiry time according to the events time. Skip to main content.

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I understand that some of you do not trust courses that are available online due to a lot of lousy courses that are created by marketers. Therefore I decided to write this post to show you exactly how you can formulate your own binary option strategy like what I used to do in the past. I used the exact same techniques below to formulate the 3 strategies that I am using to trade everyday which is taught in my Binary Option Mastery course.

Everything must start from something and therefore before you can formulate a reliable binary strategy to use , you must have a general strategy to start with. You must first decide whether you want to trade in the direction of the trend Trend Riding Strategy , trade against the trend Reversal Strategy or trade based on the repulsion of the support and resistance Repulsion Strategy. For me, all my strategies are based on the repulsion of important support and resistance levels.

If you take a look the trading chart, you will find that the price is moving in the form of waves and the formation of the waves are based on the repulsion of major support and resistance level.

In case some of you do not know what is support and resistance, let me tell you a bit about it. In fact, if you take a close look at the 2 pictures above, you will realize that they are about the same line. This is because the past support will turned into new resistance. Personally I will suggest that you create a general strategy based on the repulsion of important support and resistance level as there are more trading opportunity available for such a strategy.

Now that you have decided on the strategy to use, you should now decide on the binary option indicators to use. It is almost impossible to trade without the help of indicators and if you decide on using the repulsion strategy, there are a few indicators that you must used as these are indicators that provides very strong level of support and resistance.

In fact, I have written a post before on these indicators and you can read them from the link below. Of course, there are still a lot of indicators available and you can still choose those you personally prefer. What I have written is just a guide for you. However I do not suggest that you use more than 3 indicators in a strategy as it will be very complicated and you will find that you do not have much trading opportunity. Now that you have the indicators at place, you will need to decide which is the entry signal you want to take.

The above is just an example to show you what could constitute an entry signal. Therefore you need to decide on an entry based on the indicators you are using. Once you have your indicators in place, you will need to test out the performance of your strategy.

First of all, you will have to move back to at least 2 months from the present date and do a paper trade. As you scroll the chart, you will record down the outcome of each individual trade entry based on your decided entry signal. For example, your strategy wins 30 times and loses 20 times.

You should do the calculation for 2 months and you will only accept the strategy if it is profitable for both months. The key here is you must have a strategy that wins every month. The amount of profits depend on your own preference. Personally, I find it too little but everyone has their own appetite for money. If you are satisfied with the earnings, then you can go ahead to trade with the strategy you have formulated.

If you are not satisfied with the earnings, you can then test with various indicators or adjust your entry or adjust the settings of your indicators. This is what I called fine tuning of a strategy. In fact, the most tedious part of formulating your own strategy is here.

You will have to spend a lot of time testing with different combination of indicators, testing various different entry time and testing by adjusting the settings of your indicators. Once you have made an adjustment, you should go back to step 4 to test your strategy for another 2 months to see if your strategy can make profits that is up to your expectation.

The whole process can easily be around 3 to 6 months and for me, it took me 6 months to formulate a total of 3 strategies that can allow to trade in any market condition. The reason why I decided to formulate my own strategy is because I had bought quite a number of lousy courses and joined several signal services that do not work at all. These are the works of marketers and it really frustrate me. Initially I just formulated one strategy and I find that there are limited trades every month and slowly I formulated another 2 strategies to give me optimum amount of trades everyday.

The whole process can be tedious but it is definitely worthwhile once you manage to formulate one profitable strategy. The feeling is indescribable as you know that you have a way to make consistent income from then on.

It has been 3 years from to and I am still enjoying the fruits of formulating my own strategies. There are not many income in this world that I can say is recession proof but I am glad that I have found 2 such income, one from forex trading and one from binary trading. With this skills, I can be sure that my son do not need to work for people in future as I can just impart this skill to him and he will be able to make money without having to do a day job. This is something that I am proud of.

Instead of parents leaving a lot of money to their children which in turn got spent away either in luxurious items or lifestyle, I will rather teach them how to fish so that they can feed themselves for the rest of their live. The main purpose of this policy is to take the risk off you. This is to show you how confident I am about my own strategy and how true is my monthly performance report.

I have tried my best to take the risk off you and if you are still wary about the course, there is nothing I can do. However for those of you who are totally new to trading and not sure if you can understand the course. Please rest assured that the course is explained to you in a very simple manner that even newbie can understand and follow.

All you need is to follow my instruction to setup the indicators required and then look for the setup that I teach you in the course, you will be able to make money. For those of you who are looking for a binary broker, you have to be very careful as the wrong selection of a binary option trading broker can be costly. Thks Kelvin for sharing this post. However I have already taken your course and is already making my second month of profits from trading binary option.

I am glad that I am wrong and I can now impart this skill to my children like what you say. I just want to tell you that I am already in my second week of profitable trading after taking your course. Is your course ipad compatible? I like to access everything via my ipad and will like to know this before I get into your course.

You made everything seem so easy and I love the way you teach. By the way, I have made 6 winning trades and 1 losing trade so far with what you taught me. Click here to cancel reply. Mail will not be published required. Binary Options Strategy Binary Option Signal Learn various binary options strategy from the binary options signal blog created by a real trader who has been trading profitably since Categorized Binary Option Strategy.

For those of you who are looking for a binary broker, you have to be very careful as the wrong selection of a binary option trading broker can be costly Click Here For the Broker I am Using.

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