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Just trade brokerage and dispatch inc

Well, as far as I know, they are regulated in the US. Residing in Europe I would never trade with them.. Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: February in Complaints. Before sending your money to these scammers you should first start with this site: Cherrytrade is a sophisticated scamming buziness, they learned a lot from the competition and they try to find elegant ways to fool people.

You can open an account; trade, play and loose money ; but from the moment you ask for a withdraw mechanisms to fool you more enter in action. I sent the proof that was my money. They simulate a wire transfer to a unknown bank account and even the amount was wrong they lied to me many times this way.

Again they request my credit card number to make the withdraw for me. Another attempt to fool more. Saying that, i do not believe that i will ever get my money back, but will warn all the people on the Internet, that Cherrytrade is a SCAM. I am not the only one who got screwed by theses thieves. Only affiliates say good things about cherrytrade and i consider them accomplices of this scamming business The funny thing is that the same guys who were saying good words about Cherrytrade are treaded as scammers by this community freeman, watchdog, etc When you try to write a bad review about cherrytrade on their site, they remove your comments.

February edited February Cherry Trade is a derivative of TradeRush and Magnum Option seems to also be the same derivative as well Redwood , each of these Israeli based brokers that seems to be owned by TradeRush are building numerous complaints across the board.

Now you have Magnum trying to get brand recognition well not cool. Each and every one of these are Spotoption Israeli based scam brokers.

I would stay far away from Let me think of some names for these guys like Yaniv Yovitz ok here we go - WASP computed name generator - Try to make sure to include numerals to show linage from time to time.. A wasp Connie Mann a Tribute to made up Israeli broker names Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 2 2 Guests.