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41 comments Binary options trading strategy review processing

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With the flood of binary options brokers on the internet today, only a limited amount are sophisticated and refined like OptionBit.

A leading binary options broker, OptionBit offers a comprehensible platform with several trading options as well as a minimum position, which empowers traders the ability to tailor their trading practice from the start. The following review will help you to determine this binary options broker will work the best for you.

The OptionBit platform appears to be more developed in comparison to other binary options trading platforms. OptionBit's trading platform is focused on one asset at a time as opposed to of offering other confusing options as its competition does.

Another critical factor is how traders can easily store any favorites and have their regularly traded assets instantly available. An unusual aspect, however, is that OptionBit will require traders to select among expiry times that it provides while other binary options brokers permit the trader to choose their own.

Although this issue does not constitute as a deterrent, this issue should be considered; a more experienced trader may be accustomed to selecting more precise expiry times. Lastly, OptionBit supplies one-touch trading, digital trading as well as range trading; clearly explained in the user manuals. Veteran traders will welcome these options, yet new binary options traders are encouraged to continue with digital trading until they become more comfortable with the way the trading system functions.

A team of market analysts are available to assist traders who are seeking further insights into the market. Furthermore, OptionBit offers outstanding bonuses for experienced and new traders. An additional feature, the rollover option; permits traders to extend the option if the expiration is set in the money.

Also, the close now option allows the trader to close a trade before the scheduled expiry time if the trader is in the money but does not desire to wait until the expiry time; so as not to allow the trade alternate directions. Many of the top binary options brokers suggest that they have the highest payouts, however OptionBit appears to make-good on its claim; presenting payouts in the upwards of percent.

This fact may be an encouraging motive to test-drive this binary options broker. OptionBit's customer support seem to be extremely accommodating, responsive and prompt; especially in comparison to other binary brokers. OptionBit offers the most remarkable binary options center for resource available; live and active user-forum, tutorials, user guides, extensive market analysis, we well as trading strategy recommendations. However, there are no video tutorials or demo account options, which could provide traders hands-on perspective of how trades can be implemented.

There is however an eBook offered, although this is only available to funded accounts. Wire transfers or credit card are available on-site for all deposits.

Western Union deposits are also offered, however these deposits are only available by phone, and only once the account is open. All withdrawals are said to be processed within business days, which is a better time-frame in comparison to Forex brokers and other binary options. OptionBit appears to be user-friendly, and the company's chat support is readily accessible. As an industry, binary options trading is merely a few years old, and OptionBit is among the oldest -- more reputable brokers of its kind.

The research concluded that OptionBit is an evolving broker; determined to develop and enhance its services continuously. Option Bit Broker Review. Bonus, Deposit and Payment Commissions and Support Only 1st withdrawal is free. At the same time, the data that is included on BinaryTopBrokers. An individual should note that binary options trading and any other kind of trading for that matter involve great risks and should not be undertaken by just anyone.