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Have you ever wondered why asset quotes can be displayed either as lines or candlesticks on the Binatex trading platform? Why do we need candlesticks at all if a line graph does a good job of displaying the dynamics of quote movement?

The fact corretora opcoes binarias, candlesticks have been used for more than 50 years by stock exchange analysts as one of the most effective methods of price chart analysis. It is believed that the best indicator to almost always and most accurately show in which direction quotes will move is the price itself! Our strategy works precisely on candlestick price patterns, and it is called "candlestick engulfing — continuation of the movement. Let's start with an explanation of what candlestick engulfing in technical analysis is, and how this signal can be used to trade binary options.

In the event of "bearish" or "bullish" engulfing, asset corretora opcoes binarias are almost guaranteed to start moving in the direction of the "engulfing" candlesticks. And our corretora opcoes binarias is based on this technical trend, "Candlestick engulfing — continuation of the movement", with which you can easily determine when asset quotes will continue their trend movement.

The objective of this strategy is corretora opcoes binarias help the trader opportunely identify the moments when asset quotes finish their correction wave and continue to move corretora opcoes binarias the direction of the previous trend.

In this case, transactions are concluded under the conditions which will be described below. Increasing asset price transactions are concluded in the following cases:. The task of the trader is only to identify when the asset quotes move to correction and the emergence of "engulfing" candlesticks, after which begins the continuation of the trend, which means that it is an optimal time corretora opcoes binarias binary options transactions.

You are probably surprised by these names — "bearish" and "bullish" engulfing. Where did bulls and bears come from? The fact is that the names of these animals have long been accepted names of stock traders. Bulls are those who trade on rising prices and bears are those who trade on downward trends. Remember how these animals fight: Names for candlesticks in stock quote charts:.

And Yulanta Business Ltd, with registration numberaddress: Comece a ganhar dinheiro Registar-se. What is the value of these signals for the trader? Terms of the trading system "Candlestick engulfing — continuation of the movement" is a strategy that is used for trading on trends. Increasing asset price transactions are concluded in the following cases: Decreasing corretora opcoes binarias price transactions are concluded in the following cases: Names for candlesticks in stock quote charts: Don't forget to refer to the information on another trading system corretora opcoes binarias is also based on "Candlestick engulfing".

You could achieve more using both of the methods.

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If interpreted correctly, investor can get high quality trading signals. It can show as high quality moments for option purchasing as Inside Bar. Engulfing pattern consists of at least two candles where the second one must be bigger than the first one, and it must fully cover its highs and lows as well as opening and closing prices.

Unlike the Inside bar, engulfing pattern is not two sided and has two variations clearly indicating the direction. Bullish engulfing pattern BUOVB — the first candle is not of a big size and can close in uptrend or downtrend.

The second bar must be bullish and fully eclipse the size of the first one. Appearance of Outside bar in the chart warns about either reversal of the trend or end of correction. When the first part of the pattern is formed as a small candle, it indicates uncertainty in the market and disagreement between sellers and buyers. Bigger second bar indicates that uncertainty is vanished, and the market decided in which direction to move the prices.

Setup is frequently formed at important support and resistance levels when it knocks stop orders of other traders and pushes the price to form a bigger second bar. It is known that in Price Action chart systems all setups with no exceptions must be supported by support and resistance levels. Of course, this rule fully applies to Outside bar, too.

Engulfing pattern can be noticed only after formation of the last candle, but keeping an eye on horizontal levels you can be prepared in advance. As soon as the price reaches an important level and there appears a small candle, an Outside bar should be expected:.

On the chart it is clearly seen that the price formed two weak candles right below the support level and the third one broke through collecting stop orders of other market participants, and then it moved down. The example also illustrates that engulfing candle covers both previous bars.

This is a very good sign — the more bars participate in the setup, the stronger it is. Another strengthening of the pattern is the emergence of Doji. Entering into binary contract based on Outside bar must be made slightly above the maximum value of second candle. It may seem that the perfect momentum to enter the market is closing of the bar, but it is always better to be on a safe side as the signal can be false. In addition, if it is a true engulfing pattern, one will not have to wait too long for the breakthrough.

In the example provided in the above, it is true that it did not take too long time before entering momentum was reached and an Up option could be bought right at the next bar.

Then we see that the price formed Inside bar, it gives us more certainty about further price movement. Despite the small correction, the trend continued in the right direction. Such formation strengthens the signal and gives more confidence in a positive outcome of the option. To increase the number of profitable binary options contracts using the engulfing pattern, a trader has to take into account several important recommendations:.

Engulfing pattern is just as important part of the Price Action chart system as Inside bar is. If a trader uses a different trading strategy, then there is no reason to refrain from searching for Outside bar on the chart. Quite frequently its appearance can give very valuable advice to investor.

And Yulanta Business Ltd, with registration number , address: Comece a ganhar dinheiro Registar-se. Technical analysis of binary options.