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Dealing with mites in orchards is tricky business. Some of these earthbound trading company spokane arthropods—barely, or not even visible to the human eye—suck juice from leaves, insidiously sapping plant vigor. But as WSU researcher Stan Hoyt discovered in the s, spraying pesticides to control key pests like codling moth often causes pest mite outbreaks because this form of control also kills the good i.

Earthbound trading company spokane a few years of use, the western predatory mite began to tolerate these pesticides quite well. Rebecca Schmidt, analyzing the results from an extensive campaign to sample Washington orchards for mites.

The western predatory mite prefers the twospotted spider mite, which is much less frequently a problem in apples. With a earthbound trading company spokane varied spectrum of pests and predators, researchers need to learn more about the life history of these arthropods so IMM recommendations can be adapted accordingly.

To learn more about mites for improved IMM, Schmidt and her colleagues have spent two years sampling over a hundred blocks of orchards for mites. This earthbound trading company spokane, Schmidt will be sampling additional orchards. In cooperation with Dr. David Crowder, an entomologist and geographic information system GIS specialist working at WSU in Pullman, the information will be entered into a global network with data on orchard elevation, latitude, longitude, and land use characteristics.

Coinciding with the United Nations International Year of the Quinoa, the symposium brings together researchers, farmers, distributors, and consumers from around the world to explore current research avenues and innovative farming practices.

Farm tours will highlight field trial demonstrations on four Palouse farms. Sven-Erick Jacobson from the University of Copenhagen and Tania Santivanez from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization will address the global potential of quinoa during the three-day event. Earthbound trading company spokane register, as well as find a schedule of events, lodging and transportation information, and more, please visit the International Quinoa Research Symposium website: Anaerobic digestion, a biological process of breaking down organic waste material, and a suite of new tools that add value to the process, will be featured during a July 10 WSU field day near Lynden, Washington.

Researchers at the Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Earthbound trading company spokane CSANRworking with commercial partners, have transformed environmental, economic, and social concerns about agriculture into a full-circle solution. At the Anaerobic Digestion Systems Field Day, several dairy operations in Whatcom County that have worked with WSU to develop and test these state-of-the-art technologies will open their doors to the public.

The event will showcase nutrient recovery mechanisms that result in useable biofertilizers, solids separation techniques, biogas production, as well how to move from testing and demonstration into commercialization of value-added products.

Beyond environmental benefits, anaerobic digestion systems present economic development opportunities both for dairy operations and local communities. In addition to income for producers and tax revenues, digester systems generate jobs during construction and maintenance.

Further information about the field day is available at http: By drilling down into the ice with hollow bits think of using a spinning pipe as a drill workers were earthbound trading company spokane to pull columns of ice up to the surface. I sincerely appreciate the support so many of you have expressed. When asked to serve in this capacity, I accepted enthusiastically. Our college is a leader within WSU, and also leads regionally and nationally because of the excellent work of its faculty, staff, and students.

It is both an honor and a pleasure to work with such a talented leadership team. Please know that my overriding goal is to maintain our strong forward earthbound trading company spokane. Standing still is the same as going backward, and I know that is not acceptable to either you or me. The coming year will be one of action and progress. I am excited about the possibilities and look forward to working with all of you.

Tonie has been the dedicated leader of the Master Gardener program for the last several years and her deep commitment has enriched their mission of enhancing natural resources, sustaining communities and improving the health and wellness of residents across the state of Washington.

Please join us in celebrating her time at WSU and wishing her well in her next adventure at a reception on Wednesday, June 19th at 3: The reception will be in Hulbert Hall, Room This man is reading a hundred years of history by examining a tree core, but his name is lost to our photo archive.

Is he researching something in particular? We are scanning hundreds of old slides, negatives, and prints to put online. And we need your help to identify these images by telling us, as best you can:. We have more archival images posted. View our historical images. Want us to let you know when we post new photos? Send an email to photos. The goal of earthbound trading company spokane workshop is to catalyze new international research earthbound trading company spokane among scientists with earthbound trading company spokane collaborations towards advancement of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa.

Her immediate goals are to continue research and development work in sustainable agriculture and to help educate and enable people in developing nations to manage their lands more sustainably.

Read the full story here. WSU and the University of Agriculture Faisalabad have a long history of collaboration including the establishment of the university in Pakistan.

The award charter outlines the procedure for award of the Order to all who have merited it by their services in the field of hop cultivation. The award of the Order of the Hop is designed to lead to further achievements and still greater advances in hop cultivation and protection.

Mark was nominated by the US hop industry and accepted as a recipient by the international group due to his record of research, outreach, and service excellence in the area of hop IPM.

Virginia Lohr has been invited by the Urban Landscapes unit earthbound trading company spokane the City of Melbourne, Australia, to participate in a select meeting and consult on green infrastructure policy and knowledge related to adapting to climate change. Kristen Johnson supports her students by teaching them about livestock and sharing her beef cattle research. Undergraduate students who graduated spring Graduate students who graduated spring Anaerobic Digestion Field Day: Anaerobic digestion, a biological process of breaking down organic waste material, and a suite of new tools that add value to the process will be earthbound trading company spokane during a WSU field day on July 10 near Lynden, Wash.

Researchers at Washington State University, working with commercial partners, have transformed an environmental concern in agriculture into an environmental, economic, and social solution.

Further information see http: The event begins with tours around the seed lots and an annual seed lot report from Mark Pavek. Lunch will also be served. Attendees will learn about approaches to producing bioenergy feedstocks from intercropping system resources.

The field day takes place at Boardman Tree Farm and begins at 9 a. Contact Steve Fransen, fransen wsu. The farm accepts cash and checks only. The test plots serve as an outdoor classroom to provide those attending with production results and help make planning decisions for their next crop. Please RSVP for the tour and lunch. Beau Blachly, or bpblachly landolakes. The PSES Department at University of Idaho is hosting a field day that will include tours of canola, mustard and rapeseed research trials as well as other agricultural research.

The field day concludes with a hosted lunch at noon. Also, be sure to invite your Food Science friends and alums to like the page too! Earthbound trading company spokane can find the page here: Pesticides can build up in the brood comb and gradually weaken the bees. And while the agricultural practice of monoculture provides a lot of food, it offers little of the nutritional variety that bees need. Some of these threats may weaken or kill a hive on their own, but a combination of factors earthbound trading company spokane thought to be the cause of colony collapse disorder, in which the worker bees abruptly disappear and the entire local population is doomed.

Concerns over honey bee safety in the United States are not new. Intervention often comes in the form of chemical miticides, which earthbound trading company spokane tolerated by bees in the short term, but cause harm over the long term as chemical residues accumulate in hives. Plant and animal breeders often seek to overcome challenges by finding resistant specimens to selectively breed, incorporating the resistance into the overall population.

However, for bees, U. In an effort to find and utilize the needed genes, the USDA granted WSU a permit in to import honey bee semen for breeding purposes, subject earthbound trading company spokane strict screening for viruses.

To meet the various goals of beekeepers in different climate zones across the U. Commercial beekeepers in southern states often want bees that reproduce quickly to provide maximum pollination of early blooming crops like almonds. WSU plant breeders have been collecting semen from Italian honey bees for this trait. Beekeepers in colder climates want bees that are more reluctant to reproduce during the first warm spell in spring, because a cold snap afterwards could kill the vulnerable brood.

To find appropriate genetic stock, Sheppard and colleagues have been collecting semen from Carniolan bees of the eastern Alps and Caucasian bees from the mountains of Georgia formerly part of the Soviet Union. The semen is imported by special permit and tested for viruses. Queen bees inseminated with approved semen can then be released to queen bee producers. While semen extraction and insemination of honey bees is known technology, preservation of the semen has always been a challenge. But Hopkins discovered that liquid nitrogen maintains the semen viability for decades, allowing the preservation of imperiled subspecies in a honey bee genetic repository.

Sheppard and Cobey discuss the challenges facing honey bees and the efforts to expand the U. Nicaraguan farmers may soon be able to double their produce yields thanks to a series of grafting workshops offered there this spring by a WSU vegetable horticulture team. The series of workshops, held April 8—22, focused on women subsistence farmers, including many single mothers who rely on home-grown vegetables to feed their families.

The mostly church-sponsored workshops were aimed at helping the women farmers improve production, increase nutrition, and create economic prosperity in their communities. Grafting is the process of joining the scion a live cutting of a market-desirable variety to the stem of a rootstock variety that is in the same family as the scion but has disease resistance or another desirable trait.

Grafting is used to create a healthier, more vigorous, disease-resistant plant that is able to thrive under difficult growing conditions. According to Miles, grafting is both more affordable and sustainable, as well earthbound trading company spokane safer, than using agricultural chemicals—especially in a country such as Nicaragua where chemicals are very expensive and often misused because of label misinterpretation.

Miles is optimistic about the potential for increasing Nicaraguan subsistence crop yields. She thinks that the culture of farming cooperatives there will likely result in the spread of grafting knowledge beyond those who participated in the workshops. They are extremely hard working; everyone works from dawn until dusk. And they are very good farmers who readily receive and earthbound trading company spokane new information. And although Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, we found the people there to be wonderfully generous in spirit.

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