Semantics vs. Keywords: Finding the Right Recipe

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Can you believe we're half-way through ? While content will play a massive role in search rankings, SEO trends in is a lot more technical than most would expect. Get ready to do some serious technical SEO moves, here's how to rank better in search this Gone are the days when we heavily optimize a page using a single all-important keyword.

In fact, these days, overoptimizing a page with a single keyword can potentially cause your website more harm than good. Old school keyword density and keyword stuffing are kaput. Google has become proficient at understanding the topic represented by the collection of words on a page. They no longer have to rely entirely on things like the page title, H1 heading, anchor text in links to the page, or repetitions of keywords.

This means, the way we do it in or does not work anymore in Couldn't be more wrong. It's also the description that shows up when your page is shared on social media. Don't neglect your Meta Data. Take the time to craft your meta titles and descriptions, position your semantic keywords in your metas, make it descriptive. The ironic thing about SEO is, the more you make your pages "search-friendly", the more chances you overoptimize and get penalized.

Incidentally, AMP was originally built for content-heavy sites and publishers think Facebook Instant Articlesbut this year we've seen e-commerce sites and other industries "AMP" their websites too. As mentioned above, searches done on mobile devices have exceeded searches done on desktops over the past year.

But this growth in mobile search does not exactly take away from the aggregate time spent on bigger screens. Instead, mobile search has opened up an entirely different world of impulsive search best online trading platform in dubai, which Google aptly calls "micro moments". Search Engine Land explained it best:. The proliferation of mobile devices means that consumers can now take action to address their needs immediately and on the fly.

We like B2Bento's take on micro moments for B2B:. But, a prolonged engagement, especially at the right moments, through thoughtful and sensitive content, can make a lot of difference. And again, this is not just applicable effectively combining keywords and semantic searches brick and mortar businesses, this applies to pretty much all business models and industries.

Aside from AMP, speed, and mobile-friendly pages, here are other effectively combining keywords and semantic searches steps to optimize your website for local search. Being in Google Business is even more important when people search your very own brand keywords. Here's how to do it: Certain search queries trigger these "boxed" information to show up in prominent areas of the search results. By effectively combining keywords and semantic searches schema markup, search engines find it easier to understand websites, and display relevant information correctly on the SERPs.

Effectively combining keywords and semantic searches of the above, really, is about user experience. When you design your website, when you create content, when you optimize your pages, think about User Experience. How about on mobile? Does it load fast? Are you using the right words that appeal to their type of people? Is the site easy to navigate? Interestingly, in this survey among SEO gurus, only 5 out of 39 mentioned "link building," "outreach" and "influencer marketing" as SEO trends to focus on.

We talked about 3 of our favorite outreach strategies here. This is where we go full circle. How's your website ranking lately? Riz is Spiralytics' resident blogger and Inbound Marketing person. She takes pride in being around pre-Penguin and Panda days, investing the past 12 years of her life figuring out SEO, blogging, inbound marketing, and a bit of front-end development. She also holds the record for being the first hired employee of Spiralytics. She did manage to get a life outside of work, get married, and give birth to twin girls.

In between work and mothering, you'll likely catch her watching Friends' gag reels on Youtube, or listening to Harry Styles. We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line and find out what effectively combining keywords and semantic searches can do for you, and what we can achieve together. Even if you just want to have an informal, no-commitment conversation about how our data-driven marketing works, we're all ears.

Give us a jingle, anytime. List down content themes and topics, maybe based it off your products and services, then run your list through a keyword tool. We like using Keyword Planner and Keyword. You know you do. Which brings us to the next point. Optimize images for web resize, if possible save as. And of course, definitely consider 5.

Search Engine Land explained it best: We like B2Bento's take on micro moments for B2B: Give special attention to user experience All of the effectively combining keywords and semantic searches, really, is about user experience. You already won half the battle when you get user experience right.

Link building and social networking Interestingly, in this survey among SEO gurus, only 5 out of 39 mentioned "link building," "outreach" and "influencer marketing" as SEO trends to focus on. Make content distribution a habit This is where we go full circle. Subscribe to Spiralytics' Blog.

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