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Guggenheim pioneered strategic beta in with the introduction of RSP and remains the industry leader in equal weight ETF offerings which seek to provide performance potential, more diversified opportunities, and disciplined rebalancing. Additionally, cap-weighting can cause a bias towards companies that have experienced growth runs.

Infrastructure serves as the foundation of basic, irreplaceable public services, including electricity, roads, airports, and water, all of which are essential to support economic and social activity. As a etrade brokerage rates in india, demand for infrastructure assets has been less sensitive to changing economic and market factors. We focus on the return and risk needs of insurance companies, corporate and public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and foundations, consultants, wealth managers, and high-net-worth investors.

This approach to investment management has enabled us to deliver innovative strategies providing diversification and attractive long-term results. The funds etrade brokerage rates in india not be suitable for all investors. The broad diversification of equal weight strategies does not assure a profit, nor eliminate the risk of investment losses. When larger capitalization securities are in favor or in periods of severe market dislocation, an equal weighted strategy may underperform a cap-weighted strategy, and increased exposure to smaller capitalization companies may increase volatility.

The infrastructure industries can be significantly affected by general economic trends, government regulation and spending, commodity prices, supply and demand of services or fuel, and natural resource etrade brokerage rates in india.

Please read a fund's prospectus for more information about these and other risks. Obtain a prospectus and summary prospectus if available at www. Additional factors that are considered in the selection process include historical performance, tracking error, expenses, and liquidity. The ETFs considered for selection are passively managed, and inverse and leveraged funds are not considered. All-Star ETFs typically have at least six months of trading history and are sponsored by a well-balanced firm.

To learn more, please visit etrade. Guggenheim Investments represents the following affiliated investment management businesses: January 05, With a Reader Account, it's easy to send etrade brokerage rates in india directly to the contact for this release. Sign up today for your free Reader Account!

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What is in control is your strategy, discipline, the platform you use, the costs you incur etc. What is not under your control is the outcome. We at Zerodha constantly strive on optimizing on trading costs brokerage , platform, tools and the way we support to improve your odds of wining in the markets. What made us popular as a brokerage is the way we charge; in the business of trading, brokerage, taxes and other charges are your biggest overheads.

Keeping this low increases the odds of winning significantly, our primary objective behind starting Zerodha. Visit this Link to check out the brokerage and all the regulatory charges. Starting 1st December , all investments at Zerodha will be absolutely free.

No upfront fees, no minimum volume, no special terms and conditions, no clauses, no strings attached. Applicability — These charges are applicable to our online customers, call and trade customers and walk in clients. This way of charging a fixed fee per trade is called discount brokerage and is very popular in the developed markets.

An executed order means that whenever you place an order on the exchange, irrespective of how many trades take place to execute this 1 order, you pay a maximum of only Rs So for example, if you place an order to buy shares of Reliance and if these shares were bought in 10 different trades of 50 shares each, you still pay only Rs Take the following case where I am showing a portion of the contract note where a client had placed an order to buy quantity of Nifty put options at As you will see, the order number is just one, but this order is executed in 9 different trades different trade numbers and because your order number is just one you will pay only Rs 20 for buying all the 12 lots.

To help our lower volume traders we also give benefit of 0. So what it means is that if you buy Rs worth of stocks for delivery, your brokerage would be zero or for example, if you buy 1 lot of sliver micro 1kg of silver valuing the contract at around Rs , you pay only Rs 6.

Please note, Zerodha does not charge any brokerage fees from December 1st for equity delivery trades. Existing clients use the brokerage calculator to figure out the break-even points, movement that is required in the product you are trading to recover your brokerage and statutory costs. Click here to try our Brokerage calculator.

Yes the rates could be near the lower end of this range but this would be only if you either commit turnover or pay brokerage upfront. It is important while trading to have as many odds as in your favor; by committing to turnover or paying brokerage even before taking a trade can be detrimental because this could get you to overtrade, one of the main reasons for traders losing in the markets. Some of the ways in which brokerage can affect you are:.

Winning while trading has a lot to do with probability and on how many odds are in your favor and how many not. Keeping the trading costs low can significantly enhance your probability of winning especially if you are an active trader, the brokerage edge you get when trading at Zerodha.

Assume an average trader who trades once a day on Nifty Futures 4 lots or Nifty , paying a brokerage of 0. Every time he buys and sells he would pay Rs as brokerage and in 1 year trading days he would have paid Rs 1. How many people reading this can do so? Typically most of us are shortsighted — shortsighted because we are just thinking of today and not focusing on the longer term odds.

Imagine the same scenario at Zerodha, 1 buy and 1 sell a day would mean Rs 40 per day and Rs days for the year. Including Service Tax this would be around Rs What this means is that the total cost for the whole year at Zerodha for the same trades would be lesser than the service tax he is paying at the other brokerage firm. This is the edge we give to all our clients trading at Zerodha, to be able to trade at lowest costs without compromising on platform or service.

Click here to read 20 reasons other than low costs to trade with us. Click here to read what our over 30, clients are saying about us. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar.

Dear Sir, What is the maximum lot size for copper future allowed in one order similar to lots allowed for Nifty? Javed, the maximum order size is value of around Rs 3 crores, This would work to around 70lots for copper at one time, 10 lots for big gold and similarly for other contracts in commodities.

Kindly enlighten me on this. In market watch its showing in terms of kilos and in snap quote in terms of lots. For Copper mini 1 lot is kgs. So, in market watch its times more than in snap quote as snap quote shows in lots.

Brokerage Edge 0 comments. Trending , Why Zerodha? While trading, there are many entities who earn every time you trade: Charged by the broker who offers you a platform to trade on. Charged by the central government. Charged by the exchanges and which also includes clearing member charges. Charged by the regulators ST Service Tax: Charged by the respective state governments. Brokerage at Zerodha Starting 1st December , all investments at Zerodha will be absolutely free.

At Zerodha the brokerage charges are as follows: October 3, at 7: October 4, at 1: October 5, at 6: November 4, at 9: December 17, at 8: December 19, at December 26, at January 13, at January 14, at 4: January 16, at 9: February 3, at 8: February 3, at February 4, at 8: