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Could you talk about your teen years and what kind of music you were listening to? In high school we had a strict dress code and closed campus.

Bythings had opened up a lot! A friend and I were two of the three on campus who had longish hair and wore sort of offbeat clothes. Citywide there may have been of us out of a total population ofI got called into the office a couple times and was told to get a haircut as it had grown over my ears. That was ultimately clearly articulated for me when I chanced upon the 1st Mothers of Eurorock trading ltd album, Freak Outat the local K-Mart of all places. Suddenly I realized there were others out there who felt out of place in the mainstream as well and were searching for answers.

The first and Absolutely Free albums by Zappa had an indelible impact on me. I was also lead singer in a band for a year. We played a few parties- sorry no records or groupie stories to tell. One of the main things that eurorock trading ltd me eurorock trading ltd to records however was a small record store called Lightning Music. It was owned by a couple of Asian brothers Bob and Walt Mah. I made weekly Friday night pilgrimages taking a walk on the wild side to the store.

Bob would always turn me on to promos of things yet to be released the Doors' 1st album, Stooges' 1st album, Velvet Underground's 1st album, etc. They were often skeptical that what I liked would be hits! Bob would also special order regionally released singles and albums for me. The constant flood of wild and wonderful music me really stoked my fire for more. Music had become my religion by the end of high school. Were you interested in being a musician yourself or was it always writing that you wanted to do?

My mom tried to give me piano lessons when I was younger, but I didn't have the discipline. In addition, my parents divorced when I entered high school so the family dynamic completely changed for me. I knew I could never be as good as my early idol Pete Townsend on guitar, whose early Who singles were my life's template.

So instead, rock concerts and Lightning Records became my weekly ritual and shaped my adolescent consciousness. How did you get started with writing? Did you do any work before Eurock? When I graduated high school, it was on to college at the local State University and my life was changed forever.

I studied English and Philosophy. John Milton became my literary icon, Paradise Lost my bible. I was active as well in anti-war organizing of demonstrations locally, also attended the massive Mobilization Against the War in SF and People's Park in Berkeley. I wrote lots of literary and philosophical papers, plus political propaganda newsletters. For money eurorock trading ltd college, I joined the working class. I was the janitor at a children's clothing store before opening in the morning, and a woman's shoe store at night eurorock trading ltd closing 6 days a week.

Ultimately, upon graduation I went to work full time at a Levi's outlet clothing store. I today am the proud possessor of a college diploma with Ronald Reagan's signature on it! I offer here only a sketch. Instead, I had to eurorock trading ltd a real job and pay the bills. What made you want to get started working on the radio? I ended up doing a radio program purely as a result of happenstance. At one point, he was over for a BBQ and I played some of the strange and wonderful import music I'd discovered.

I asked the owner of the place I worked if he'd sponsor an hour program and he said yes. That was the first in a long series of events that came to me by happenstance leading to serendipity. How did you first arrange to do your radio show? From the beginning, Ray and I always went into the station's production studio and cut promo-spots. I eurorock trading ltd copy, he recorded it and spliced it all into second spots that played all week hyping the program.

His voice and eurorock trading ltd skills resulted eurorock trading ltd pure radio magic. It eurorock trading ltd a how-to learning experience for me.

When you did started your show, did you see yourself as filling a gap for a certain type of music that you didn't see as being served otherwise? There was nothing on the air remotely like that then featuring music from the new music emerging from Europe. I simply saw it as a way to do something that I loved, expand the range of a listener's musical experience, and have fun. As the program progressed, I realized just how much media could affect people lives and music in particular could mean to people personally, especially me.

Two short stories really demonstrate this; one had to do with playing Popol Vuh's Hosianna Mantra album. A woman called the night I was playing it and told me her young daughter was teething, had been eurorock trading ltd all day and was unable to nap.

She herself was worn down. However, when the music came on the baby began to calm down and drifted off by show's eurorock trading ltd. She would be eternally grateful for that. The other was when Manfred Mann's Earth Band came to town for a concert. Ray had Manfred over to his house and they were listening to my program during dinner. Embryo's Rocksession album was playing at the time and Manfred asked him who was doing that program and playing such incredible music.

Ray told him about me and relayed the story. I never made tons of money, but always have had enough. All along the eurorock trading ltd however, I got great personal validation early eurorock trading ltd, and still today. In the midst of this, you started the magazine. How did that come about and what was your initial vision for this? I met him in L.

We kept in touch off and on after that. My basic idea was simply to eurorock trading ltd people on to all of this radically new music coming out of Europe.

In retrospect, maybe it was my own small act of cultural revolt against the more mainstream-style music of the 's. In any case, that really wasn't a conscious idea in my head. When you moved and started doing radio shows in Portland and L. Did you find audiences in those cities more receptive or less receptive to the music? The music was very eurorock trading ltd, but they were not so self-created.

She had heard about Eurock and the music eurorock trading ltd promoted and was intrigued. Eurock was rack-jobbed on newsstands around L. She invited me to be a special guest on her mid-afternoon 2-hour program. She and I hit it off as well, so we did it several times. She played it and loved it. I talked about it and she asked questions and commented. It was very synergistic and lots of fun. Hilariously, one time I did get called a CIA stooge for promoting the Plastic People and helping to subverting the Communist government in Czechoslovakia.

Actually, be it Portland or LA, audiences most eurorock trading ltd loved the music played. What set Eurock apart from other magazines at the time when eurorock trading ltd started? The obvious thing was writing in depth about music from Eurorock trading ltd that had very little press in any English language publication. Perhaps another was the actual production of at least the first few issues.

It was rudimentary and hand to mouth, typed on a manual typewriter, copied on a Xerox machine by a friend whose father was a lawyer, while he cleaned his dad's office at night.

The pages were then spread out on the floor of my apartment and hand collated, 3-hole punched then brass fasteners inserted to bind it. As I often say, I always got by over the years with a lot of help from my friends. If I liked the music or group, or one of the writers did, I would include it. Their music interests were somewhat similar to mine.

The focus initially was Germany, but it expanded exponentially as the experimental music scene developed around the globe. In a sense, I viewed Eurock as a propaganda organ for the music I liked.

I wouldn't write about something I didn't like. That was my stated intent with Eurock. I wanted to promote and share what I thought was good music with others. Did you get a sense of what the early readership was like?

To some extent, eurorock trading ltd was fans of experimental or progressive music obviously. Later on, Eurock became more personalized and people related to that. I had countless interactions with people over the years on a human level about music and other things.

I had subscriptions from rock stars, lawyers, mostly men, a few women, and a whole cross section of people.

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