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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience fifa 15 30k trading options this site. Hey guys, so I was wondering what would you guys do in my situation. I suppose he is getting an inform hopefully he does.

I have been saving money and i currently have 30k. If you guys were in my position, would you guys try to pack IF Chicharito if he does get an IF with 7. Whats the best way to get him? Man just give it to him. Be nice for once. I know you probably have one or five. Be patient, trade just a little while playing a few games. It all adds up. If you do want to open packs then wait until later tonight when TOTW is announced. Plus they may change the price ranges tonight. As another poster said you could also wait until Fifa 15 30k trading options is announced because people drop prices to open packs.

Also English players prices may rise over the next week or 2 for a certain cup competition. I mean I'm sorry bro but 30k isn't gonna do Shit don't waste it on packs u aren't gonna get him just at this point either quit the fifa 15 30k trading options or play with that 30k. Curse Help Register Sign In. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Quote from Lyrical-J jump. I would buy fitness cards.

Quote from vbgamecoins jump.

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October 4, 8: Valbuena sold for Gone in on Brahimi - got 8 for 12k selling for 22k. Sold my first Adan for , this method is perfect for me this year as I can only play on the weekend. To anyone who doubts this method, just take your time. Sold an Adan for 23k bought for 13k , a locadia for 15k paid 10k and loads of non rares for 1k which I bought for before the sbc , nice bit of profit!

Sitting on a mil now once I sell if valencia for k profit. October 4, 9: I can up it on the next cycle if need be.

Ginter looks like a nice one, got a 5 for October 4, Is Brahimi for 12,5k still a good investment? October 5, Alberto down to discard What you guys think? October 5, 1: Just sold this purchased for 13k. October 5, 3: Hi guys I bought 6 brahimis for about Im wondering if it can surpass 20k in a week given how fabianksi's price grew?

October 5, 6: Pretty slow start for me with this. Only have 9 if's on transfer list. Sold some here and there, doing nif trading on the side and have added all good league low cost if's to the club. Now as my teams are quite ready will use all coins on if's.

Will try to gain solid amount of if's for the time they release sbc that needs them. October 5, 7: October 5, 8: Might jump on brahimi. Anyone selling the IF Ginter? If so, please share the winning price. October 5, 9: Bought 10 Ginter for Will see what happen. I got 10 adans for 4days on the market right now but sold 1. Adan is not working for me at the moment. Sign In or Register to comment. It looks like you're new here.

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