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The IFSC in Belize is the primary regulatory organization that regulates all the financial components of the company. Belize is a tax forex ecn micro account, and forex ecn micro account regulatory guidelines of IFSC are still under debate as to whether it can be compared to the more established and highly reputed international regulatory organizations.

The broker claims to have more thanclients forex ecn micro account different countries across the world. Although that might be an accurate representation of the reach of the broker by modern standards, the reality lies in the fact that the broker does forex ecn micro account have any traders from the US, and the lack of EU regulation also prevents the broker from actively promoting their services in the Euro Zone. However, despite all the confusion surrounding the regulatory status, the broker has indeed managed to receive numerous awards and recognitions for their services.

The broker has also been able to forex ecn micro account positive FBS reviews from existing customers; however, the broker is not entirely free from criticisms either. There are two types of accounts available for smaller traders, which include the Cent and the Micro accounts.

The Cent account forex ecn micro account has very tight spreads starting from 1 pip, and the Micro account has fixed spreads starting from 3 pips. The maximum leverage offered is different for both accounts, as the Cent account has a maximum leverage of 1: Other Forex Brokers Reviews. The Cent account is certainly the more attractive proposition here due to the forex ecn micro account cost of trading, as on the contrary, the Micro account spread of 3 pips is immensely higher than the average Micro account.

The final type of trading account is the Unlimited Account that is usually reserved for institutional and professional traders, which offers a maximum leverage of 1: The Unlimited account is the best type forex ecn micro account FBS account due to its favorable trading conditions, lower cost of trading, comparatively lower leverage, and high speed of trade execution. The FBS trading platforms are connected to high-speed servers, and the company has tweaked the platform slightly to offer the best trading results.

FBS customer support is available in 18 different languages and is designed to offer the most comprehensive support to clients from a majority of Asian, European, and Middle Eastern clients. The live chat feature is an excellent feature to get immediate assistance, and official correspondence can be made through emails or phone calls. Unlimited account holders also enjoy SWAP-free accounts, which is a great feature for long-term traders who hold on to overnight trades. FBS account can help in reducing the cost of trading to a great extent, which is indeed one of the most significant advantages of FBS.

Brokers only offer a bonus if traders are willing to accept their terms and conditions, and it is often difficult to satisfy these trading conditions before making a withdrawal of the initial invested amount. Novice and even experienced traders are susceptible to the risks of higher leverage, as a huge margin of 1: The high leverage is also another factor that contributes to the overall negative image of the company.

Profitable FX trading is dependent on striking the perfect balance between all the different tools of the trade, and if done carefully, FBS offers the best resources for making consistent profits in the Forex markets. FBS is a global-scale broker, sticking to the principle of finding individual approach to each client. Leverage up to 1: Other Forex Brokers Reviews xm.

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