Malaysian ringgit

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Bythe reserves had dropped to RM Last year, the central bank reported the figure at RM Inthe exchange rate was RM3. It fell to RM4. The ringgit has since rallied to close at RM4. Police have opened investigations into individuals linked to the forex losses based on the findings by a royal commission of inquiry.

Dr Mahathir told PH supporters last night that Najib had failed to mention the losses incurred from the depreciation of the ringgit. Now the halal has become haram and haram has become halal. Dr Mahathir was alluding to the RM2.

Najib had said that the money was a donation from the Saudi royal family. The former prime minister, who was the focus of attacks during the Umno general assembly which ended yesterday, said Najib sees him as a genuine threat. Umno forex exchange bank negara malaysia kept asking me to do something. He is an institution. To put him on trial would backfire on Barisan Nasional. PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution moderated the forum, which saw a dozen of questions from supporters ranging from what PH plans to do with the civil service to strategies to win over rural support.

The coalition last night also raised more than RM, including RM21, from the auction of eight portraits of opposition leaders. A portrait of Anwar sold for RM2, Sign up or sign in here to comment. Dr Mahathir Mohamad says Putrajaya is trying to blame him and for the foreign exchange losses nearly three decades ago to hide the fact that Prime Minister Najib Razak stole from the public purse.

Login No account yet? Reject mahatir the infamous washed-out politician that breeds racism and bigotry. The devil team-up with maggi-mee attack dog currently in jail for sodomy is the worse forex exchange bank negara malaysia that Opposition has to offer.

You can support thief najib and keep paying gst after PH won GE You only see GST because you dislike Ajip? Yet, you cannot see that you and your next next next next generation have been made to pay ridiculous tolls and electricity prices because someone handed all the tolls to his cronies in and outside UMNO.

That someone happens to be a 92yo ass you are licking now? When Tun opens forex exchange bank negara malaysia mouth, it's all facts and less fiction. Forex exchange bank negara malaysia Tun opens his mouth, he gives facts and figures. Those who do not see the difference and in some way think there is or had been a better leader for our country must go back to primary education. When you left in Octthe ringgit became bananas: If you want to fight, know your facts.

Are you all so gullible to trust Mahathir again? Even a schoolkid will write "i'm sorry i wont misbehave again" when chastised. Is sodo mee faked?

The Opposition is bankrupt, even if i want to vote them in, i will not accept an unrepentant despot.

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