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FX, forex or foreign exchange is selling one currency and buying another, such as selling euros for US dollars, or sterling for Japanese yen. At the core of all FX jobs is being able to assess how external factors, such as economic conditions and political activity will influence forex trading malaysia online dubai value of currencies in relation to one another. In an increasingly global world, where business is done across borders in different currencies, the impact of exchange rate fluctuations can be considerable.

This drives activity in the FX markets which in turn fuels demand for high quality candidates. FX jobs can be found at investment bankstrading houses, commercial banksasset managers, hedge funds and even some corporate organisations. In FX trading jobs 'spot traders' will enter into immediate transactions forex trading malaysia online dubai the request of a client.

However there are also FX jobs dealing in currency derivatives, where deals are done now where the currency exchange does not happen until a later date. These include currency futures traded through an exchange and currency forwards conducted over the counter. For someone working within a bank as a Corporate FX - Sales Executive, it is usual to focus on a specific type of client.

This might be selling to hedge funds, promoting electronic trading systems to sell on behalf of private clients, or dealing with multinational pension funds.

Those with a niche expertise in the relevant sector will usually gain an advantage when forex trading malaysia online dubai for FX jobs. Given that a considerable number of FX jobs involve instantaneous transactions, the requirement is for people who can think on the spot and make well considered decisions, even under immense pressure. The banks and hedge funds also need to understand and quantify the potential consequences of the currency positions they are taking. This opens opportunities forex trading malaysia online dubai related roles such as those within risk management.

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