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Tune in tomorrow and find out my friends same bat time same bat channel!!! I'm ready to host them, if they are game. I am surprised at how many traders shy away from live interviews. Maybe I should offer to pay them Yeah lotz, I agree with what you're saying, and yes some of the marketing for the green room is quite hilarious.

The reason why I lashed out in the beginning was because of your harsh words that hit home for me personally. I live in the "ghetto" and trading BO is helping me pay some of my tuition for college, as well as creating a gateway for me and my familia.

In no way am I trying to advertise for people to join the green room. I just hope we can both understand each other a little better now. I just want to help create peace and wealth in an world that is lacking both. And it all starts with an idea along with a step in the right direction. I put my sweat and blood into this shit, and I won't be denied my goals. I'll either succeed or I'll DIE trying to achieve my highest priority. Not just broker's charts with gains but both of them platform charts with your analysis and the trades in the broker, when you get in when you get out etc.

I am kind of disappointed by this thread. What is the purpose of picking on someone based on their luck of the womb? I was also born into a none affluent family and seriously bots in some ways you strike me as a pretty bright guy but this is less than intelligent conversation that I would have thought was beneath you LOB. Where are the stakes because this thread looks like a Salem witch trial. At the end of the day the best way to find out if a service like this is right for you might be by testing it for yourself.

There is not a lot of substance here to help green room binary trading signals make a decision either way IMO.

Also the thing about marketing online is that no matter how hard something is or is not marketed if it is crap it will not sell very long and that brings me back to why are you guys so concerned? IDK about the green room and have not been in their but seriously some of the crap shared here I found tasteless and offensive.

Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: July edited July in General. So I would love to hear anyone's opinion on this subject. Ill give it a week and chime in with mine. Just a heads up I have several x-members in my chat room so green room binary trading signals you want to come in the topic and spew total crap ie non fact based I will jump in to bust you out. SO lets keep it to the facts. July edited July I am a professional trader and I so doubt marketers can trade for a living beyond the projected HYPE.

Hey maybe I am wrong but those projecting an image of green room binary trading signals a trader without being a trader is all too common.

Maybe I will go undercover and do video on you guys. The guys with no shirts talking about needing to get a job had me on the floor rolling. I am just glad he was able to upgrade from Mcdonalds to Applebees! That is an upgrade?! If you guys do a good job and are sincere well I am a fair person and will tell people to check you out just like I do for Bryan who is also a professional trader.

To be fair I dont think we will get any honest replies here as deep down I have green room binary trading signals feeling after going thru all there videos that they are a very well organized marketing machine, scamming noobs with a bunch of amateur wanna be "traders", who are simply regurgitating basic trading ideas they green room binary trading signals on you tube. I have not been impressed with anything some x-members have told me about the room. Ill ask a few of my current members I think a few more who joined were x- green room.

What is sad is the money you can make from learning to really trade is 10x more then any marketers even a high ranked site like this, from real trading the income is HUGE but again a real trader is often too busy really trading to teach but some try and give as much of their time as possible.

I hope they make enough money to go back to school and learn to dress better but odds are they will go crazy with any little sums of money blow it on crack and hookers and worse end up with the IRS chasing them.

Word to the wise if you make a larger sum of money fast get an accountant and put it all in the bank don't spend it on stupid stuff protect your capital always There is not one shred of green room binary trading signals that any of them have a economics degree between them.

Whilst we are on the subject This is the platform that the green room and the recently spawned Come Up System sheppard all their follows too to claim the aff fee. They are n00bs they will buy anything Why do you think there are a bizillion scam videos around! But alas I could be wrong as I am too busy trading to be a follower to anybody even other good traders but I will hang in the bin.

In the end does it matter? Stick to grinding it out day after day you are doing great. So they prove me right again I am use to it, people are predictable What do you expect? Nice try to have some objective opinion there, but in the end it's not hard to guess what is all comes to Hmm, you just put the right word that was on my mind. I am loving these comments. Especially from you lots. Please tell me what it is you have against the green green room binary trading signals that makes you speak like this?

Nothing I just lost my parents to Marketers when I was a child "of which I think they are promoting korean vacuum cleaners to the japanese. I prize honestly and helping others even if my time is limited due to I have to make a living from trading not just hanging out with bryan or others on skype all day as that can be a distraction to trading. So if I seem unfair grouping "The Green Room" in with other scummy marketing ploys I apologize for that.

If you guys are legit straight up and interested in helping traders with education, I would have no problem pushing people your way as I do with other like Bryan Come on that is just hilarious!

Think green room binary trading signals it, would make a great new video for you. I am sure they might have some interesting input. Obviously they are online marketers and nothing more. The testimonials are probably paid. There are many sites in which people make video testimonials and they say everything you want for just 5 bucks!! Btw funny video lotz the third one! Panos lol love him We greek peoples lol I don't care if you are watching Josh I am going to find the truth out one way or another period, I always do Maybe it will be good for you maybe not, muhahaha After people have been scammed or figure out that "The Green Room" were just marketers who were lying and could not really trade, you will see the complaints start to come in and people screaming how the were RIPPED OFF!

Look at your account balance after trading with them, is it up or down? Think logically would a rat make a good green room binary trading signals No just like these Green room binary trading signals are not traders in any way shape or form I agree it is a waste of my time green room binary trading signals are just MLM marketers pretending to be traders.

Frikken MLMers and you have to understand everything i do is pretty distasteful have you not seen my videos? LoL my point was a simple one these guys are pikers and entertainment for me as usual.

Green room binary trading signals only thing GREEN in that room is the people in it, which green room binary trading signals mostly green I bet from the money they have lost lol. If you are in there and you are broke well talk to the GREAT traders in there and sign up a friend now!!!

Maybe I will have an interview with him soon! You might come from the ghetto and be of a poor mental scale, but that does not give you the right to take advantage of others, you are no different then most of those Israel based binary option telemarketers opps I mean brokers, just a different location Talent is earned and priceless. Dishonorable people will never have it because they hold themselves cheaply and it simply costs too much for them to afford It's an endless story about how to MLM.

Pathetic, even some well known characters you can see promoting brokers are basically actors making affiliate money, they are just that, characters, not traders. I feel the same kind of thing is going on here. This will probably be my last comment on this topic,nevertheless the green room has been nothing but good to me. The members there are more than willing to help anybody who is struggling.

Sure sometimes you will get some vague answers, but that is because everybody has that "do your homework and earn it" type of mentality. There are plenty of thing's about the green that i don't agree with.

But I won't get into that right now. The green room wil probably be here until all of the Broker go bankrupt. Until then, we'll just keep moving forward, and keep helping as many people as we can Ok good lets leave green room binary trading signals at that in the end a trader is a trader a marketer is a marketer.

Its just the way it is. August edited August They are a SCAM.

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