Koch Supply & Trading Takes Nigerian LNG in Market Debut

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Entergy-Koch, LP, our energy trading and marketing and gas pipeline business, has maintained consistently profitable results in up, down, and flat markets through a balanced and disciplined approach.

Koch energy trading Trading is itself a balance of three complementary businesses. In addition to its proprietary energy trading operations, EKT provides two services to customers: EKT gathers market information and uses advanced analytics to develop and apply its market point of view.

Entergy-Koch Trading has maintained consistent profitability in unusually challenging industry conditions. EKT avoided the problems affecting energy trading in and improved its position as koch energy trading left the market. Trading across all products — including gas, power, and weather — contributed to increased EKT earnings in EKT continued to rank among the top trading companies in gas, power, and weather derivatives trading — based on the votes of banks, brokers, end-users, and traders worldwide.

EKT expanded its customer business into the Western United States, signing an agreement with a major natural gas local distribution company. By koch energy trading gas and power positions for its customers, Koch energy trading increases its earnings in a low-risk business. Gulf South Pipeline contributes stable revenues in a regulated pipeline business. Gulf South also benefits from koch energy trading diverse customer base and diverse supply sources.

Growth on a solid foundation Entergy is committed to the energy koch energy trading business. The fact is, gas and power are volatile commodities, and companies will continue to need trading services to manage commodity risks. Trading is a good business for Entergy-Koch. EKT has upside opportunities in koch energy trading trading and its customer businesses as competitors exit. Strong credit ratings are especially important to potential customers and counterparties in the current market.

To maintain its strong credit as the trading operation grows, Entergy-Koch must expand its balance sheet. That means investing in assets that earn more than the cost of capital, such as gas pipelines and storage. Investments through Entergy-Koch are a key growth opportunity for Entergy. First, they provide the return on the investment itself.

Second, by expanding the Entergy-Koch balance sheet, they leverage expansion of its profitable trading operation. Efficient markets koch energy trading for everyone's benefit when participants play by the rules, and the rules encourage innovation. Entergy is a leader in advancing new ideas to koch energy trading a robust transmission system and efficient markets for electric generation.

With integrity and innovation, Entergy-Koch is promoting a strong market for energy trading and is prospering in that market. Standing Out — Entergy-Koch analytical Team. Entergy-Koch Trading plays a key role in creating and maintaining efficient energy markets, by contributing innovation koch energy trading integrity to the marketplace. Energy trading at EKT is guided by a clear point of view based on timely market information and complex analysis.

Standing Out — Entergy-Koch analytical Team Kim Clark, Entergy-Koch Trading Entergy-Koch Trading plays a key role in creating and maintaining efficient energy markets, by contributing innovation and integrity to the marketplace.

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