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Haley DeRoche, 30, is a public librarian in Richmond, Va. As a homeschooled teenage girl, DeRoche says Brio was a "wholesome" magazine she could read without fear of offending her evangelical parents. She's pictured here in with her daughter, Winnie. Courtesy of Haley DeRoche hide caption. A lot of teenage girls grow up looking to magazines like Seventeen or Teen Vogue for live options trading demosses on fashion and dating. For about two decades starting live options trading demossesthe evangelical Christian group Focus on the Family offered an alternative: Brio magazine, which is making a comeback in May.

Debbie Fischer was raised Methodist and enjoyed reading Brio as well as mainstream magazines like Seventeen for makeup and fashion tips.

Now 34, she lives in Madison, Wis. Courtesy of Debbie Fischer hide caption. In some ways, Brio was a lot like other teen magazines in the s. Debbie Fischer remembers "devouring" articles on issues like clothing and DIY manicures — things she definitely wasn't learning from her older brothers.

I just didn't really know how to do it," Fischer says. But other sections were different — like music reviews. Fischer is now 34 and living in Madison, Wis. She remembers a review of a popular Boyz II Men album from the mids that praised portions of the album while warning readers about the hit song " I'll Make Love to You. Fischer, who grew up Methodist and live options trading demosses a public school, says she also laughed off much of the advice and kept listening to the music she liked.

Laura Turnernow a year-old writer in San Francisco, grew up with two parents who were pastors at the Willow Creek megachurch near Chicago. Each month, she says she'd turn first to the "Dear Susie" advice column, written by former editor Susie Shellenberger. Laura Turner, 31, is a San Francisco-based writer. Her parents were pastors at the evangelical megachurch Willow Creek while she was growing up in the Chicago area.

I remember reading those with so much curiosity," Turner says. At the time, she says, Brio helped her navigate a world that didn't always align with her evangelical subculture. And I felt like there were ways that I was seeing a version of myself or seeing who I could become. Alissa Wilkinson, 33, is a writer for Vox. Courtesy of Alissa Wilkinson hide caption. Even Brio seemed like too much for Alissa Wilkinson 's parents, who also homeschooled her as a teenager live options trading demosses upstate New York.

Now 33 and living in Brooklyn, Wilkinson writes about film and culture for Vox. She says Brio was a conduit to the larger culture. So Brio was sort of my bridge into what I thought teenagers were like," Wilkinson says. Brio was canceled in because of budget troubles. Focus on the Family is now reviving it, with much the same mission as before.

The elder Robertson, who is popular among some conservativeshas been criticized for his public statements about homosexuality.

Bob DeMossvice president of content development for Focus on the Family, says the new Brio won't often be overtly political, but will live options trading demosses forward what he describes as a "biblical" worldview — including opposition to LGBT relationships, abortion and premarital sex.

He says Brio wants to offer an alternative to articles like a live options trading demosses controversial piece in Teen Vogue called "What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion," which suggested items like heating pads and live options trading demosses coloring book honoring feminist icon and U.

Sorcha Brophya postdoctoral fellow in sociology at the University of Pittsburgh, also read Brio as a teenager, and later researched Christian teen magazines as part of her master's thesis. Officials at Focus on the Family live options trading demosses it may seem like a strange time to bring back a print publication, but they think there's a market for it among conservative Christian teenage girls.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. Focus on the Family is bringing it back, saying it sees a renewed need among teens for alternative voices. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. April 19, 5: Heard on Morning Edition. Courtesy of Haley DeRoche.

Courtesy live options trading demosses Debbie Fischer.

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