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Mia How can I stream audio from microphone from my raspberry pi swiftphone Hey Hitechcg Valduare: I'm pretty sure it could still fry it aZz7eCh oh, oh dear. CoJaBo I think there's lxde logout options trading per-bank total. Mia Hey all -- do you know any alternatives to motioneyeos? Mia I like to use motion with multiple cameras but I don2t want to install a brand new operating system for that Mia I was thinking maybe just a lxde logout options trading that will behave as a lxde logout options trading server would do the job completely instead of dealing with a complete new operating system to stream cameras.

Mia yes swiftphone Oh Mia like, go on youtube Mia you'll go crazy swiftphone U running noobs raspian Mia videos play 1 fps Mia yes raspbian Mia without noobs swiftphone Ok swiftphone I have it with noobs swiftphone 32 gb sd card Mia same swiftphone Well for internet browsing it was a bit slow swiftphone I installed vlc and it plays audio fine but not video Hitechcg use omxplayer swiftphone And thats video lol swiftphone Omxplayer uses cli swiftphone I have it but i prefer gui Hitechcg Mia: I have one LED i control for our machine.

P mgottschlag but if your code already works I, personally, wouldn't care: I found the possibility of just letting a mjpg-streamer run and take its data; What other possibilities are there? Currently I have the project lxde logout options trading in python, using the raspberry pi camera module Berg python rules meiamsome Write your own Go package to do it?

I mean writing a simplistic wrapper towards a C library should be no problem ShorTie most use raspistill, raspvid, ShorTie they stream video thru the sdcard?? I saw there were some commits for cortex-a53, not sure how complete AlexP Is it possible to lxde logout options trading RPi3 to play videos such as mp4 avc, x, I have some issues with mounting pen drive on raspberry pi.

It works like a charm, but sometimes when I reboot the pi, I can't access it. THe message I am getting message "Transport endpoint is not connected". BurtyB err regular arch? ShorTie not sure on install, you can't in Debian ShorTie must use a arm enviroment to install arm alphamale it's already installed alphamale oh sorry alphamale didn't understand what you meant t3chguy BurtyB: Bilby Okay, this is nerdy good fun https: Yes, OC is disabled on the 3 swiftphone Ok swiftphone I used my pi3 quite a bit yesterday swiftphone So glad to have wifi and Bluetooth builtin TheLostAdmin Does the bluetooth support mice and keyboards?

I assume that lxde logout options trading procedure is needed for the built-in bluetooth on the Pi3 as well as dongles which is what it's written for. Bilby ikr Bilby colder though Tenkawa getting nice and warm over here Tenkawa 10 degree increase in last hour napnap Bilby, for th rest of yesterday my touchscreen which work with nails but very hard with fingers I got the answer.

I need to modify the firmware inside the touch controller. Apparently it's the only way. Fortunatly, the company that I have buy it cand do it for me.

But it can be done with no extra hardware because they do it over network. Bilby Ah napnap with the board connect on it Lxde logout options trading you have to connect it in windows? Just recently setup my raspberry pi after having it sitting in my draw for awhile and now learning screen and irssi shauno Hi, Dr Nick! Chillum irc is supposed to be all text Tenkawa bbl g0r33k Chillum: I used to use mIRC on my windows pc yearssss ago g0r33k started to learn linux then gave it up, now back at it Chillum mirc, that takes me back g0r33k I lxde logout options trading as a teenager trying to get my friend to join my channel g0r33k I cant say I have forgotten everything, I remembered how to register my nick Chillum to get on IRC I used to have to dail into a local BBS, then use their "door" to a telnet based service they were connected too.

I just got my RPi 3 and I found that the best-suiting power supply in my house puts out lxde logout options trading 1. BurtyB alphamale, because they're basically connected together power mgottschlag Absolome: Chillum '93ish HerculeP Absolome: I don't have one and I could be wrong. Chillum ohhh so blocky! Absolome Does the 3 have WiFi built in or will I need to connect a usb wireless card? TheLostAdmin the 3 has wifi built in. The 2 and earlier does not.

Chillum nothing like waiting 8 minutes for the jpg to get halfway through to see if you like th epicture or not wildc4rd Good old Netscape Navigator TheLostAdmin I think I still have my Chillum mosaic man, the browser of real hackers g0r33k dialup internet Lxde logout options trading Chillum in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy g0r33k lol, well where I am from its 3am in the morning.

Catch you all around. Absolome gotta break out a multimeter or something along those lines? Absolome How else would the processor work? I remember hearing a podcast earlier this year about a guy setting up computers in remote slums in extremely impovershed parts of india Absolome and when he had returned the local children, without any guidance lxde logout options trading instruction, had taught themselves English so they could better use the computers lvrp16 they're all pretty stable.

I wish for a machine brain. Once you've solved the problem and built the system, there's no reason it shouldn't 'just work' after that point? TheLostAdmin or, malicious attacks. I tried getting Chromium running. It can be done, but it is bad. I wouldn't say it's bad, but it's pretty far from ideal.

I've been using w3m for simple stuff. I just wanted a browser to test some javascript on though. I miss geocities man: P jrcharney I rue the day that Yahoo! I didn't even get a chance to back it up. I was a big midi fan. I remember much frustration as a teenager looking for pirate mp3s and finding midis instead: We still need a govermment.

It just means removing human power structures. OK, I can get behind that. Would setting it to 0 make it switch to automatic and stop the lagging I sometimes get with my system? I'm just worried that this thing will die on me without warning. That happened to one of my computers once. It started doing weird things on the screen jrcharney Lxde logout options trading any rate, that's all I need to look into.

I need to get back to work before the boss finds out. See you guys tonight if I need to. The zenity thing has been around for ages and I wasn't around when it was added. I suspect there's probably a reason it was done this way. Seems much more sensible. I see what happened. Berg good morning planet earth ali your best bet is to start over in that case ali who knows what half-configured state apt left the system in, if it ran out of space lohfu shiftplusone: Then use mmal to send it frames as needed.

SpeedEvil yes SpeedEvil I mean - you take the camera and split it optically to lxde logout options trading lenses doomlord gauranteed sync, i guess doomlord do i read correctly that in addition to the VPU there is a hardware encoder for h. Only if you can either parse theor recode teh encoder doomlord i guess the movidius chip would handle all of this more efficiently. Lxde logout options trading looked at android based boxes, and while I love what they have to offer, it sounds as though one cannot get netflix streaming on them?

I remember reading that. I'm thinking about getting one. I saw the 7" that's out, but I was curious about some of the smaller options. Check what it costs from the official distributors. Do I need an SSD to make it quiet? I can't hear any of them ozzzy actually P tjcarter Finding quality hich current power supplies with a micro-USB plug on them is difficult because we're already exceeding the rated power of the connector.

AI6K Rats, already been done: SuperBOP like from a calculator or whatever? Does lxde logout options trading have any cons over cron? Working principle are same. Its is a vacuum tube. P pksato VFD salvaged from dumpster. No such file or directory Hitechcg Hmm, idk then CKyle22 that doesnt seem right Hitechcg But having too many files it's fairly large though can cause it to say "Out of space" with space still available shiftplusone Yeah, I get the same.

I wouldn't worry about it. CKyle22 I'm not sure shiftplusone What are all the things you have mounted? I didn't compile either, I used binaries. CKyle22 Shall I reboot? That was probably because I did something before to try and solve this myself CKyle22 but here I'll get you fstab lxde logout options trading willmore Let's reboot as a last resort.

CKyle22 ok so I wont yet willmore Yeah, if that fixes it, then we don't really know what was wrong.

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