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Posted 27 Jan I did my first trade and made about silver. Seems kind of underwhelming. I traded some random stuff from Velia to Heidel. My wagon weight also seems limited. Like I could only carry maybe 10 wishing kites or something. Its a kind of a whole process Now imagine buying stuff thats worth like k a piece and loading it up on a 20 slot wagon. Posted 27 Jan edited. Posted 28 Jan Wagon trading is best for leveling trading, more then profit.

You will make money just not a lot of it, but it can be done as a semi-afk activity, once you hit master 2 and up then trading becomes the big money. Master 2 lets you get either of the desert buffs: They ask for specific goods from specific regions, so watch for complementary goods from neighboring regions and trade back and forth.

There is no distance bonus, but you making money trading bdo bargain to increase profits further. More Activity Stream Status Updates.

It's time making money trading bdo move into a new house! From now on the old forums will be readable only. So don't be afraid about changes, click the link above and follow us!

Enjoy and see you on the other side! Das Forum ist umgezogen! Das Forum hier bleibt allerdings erhalten und lesbar. Neue und verbesserte Funktionen warten auf Euch im neuen Forum und wir arbeiten bereits an weiteren Erweiterungen. Wir sehen uns auf der anderen Seite! N'ayez pas peur du making money trading bdo et rejoignez-nous! Whats making money trading bdo good way to make money off trading using wagons? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Edited 27 Jan by Sallean.

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