Heavy Trading Jams Up Online Brokers' Web Sites

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Online brokerage is a crowded field, with several firms competing for mainstream investors. Some firms take the different approach of positioning themselves for a specific segment of the market. Lightspeed Trading is a firm that seems structured to appeal more to active, high-volume traders than to casual investors. Lightspeed Trading ranked sixth in a recent MoneyRates. This placed it in the top third of the field of 19 brokers, but because of its pricing Lightspeed might rank even higher with heavy traders.

This minimum is likely to apply on most trades of shares or less. The cents-per-share rate declines depending on how much monthly trading volume you generate. If you trade less thanshares per month, you will pay a commission of 0. Once you reach theshare threshold, the rate drops to 0. Lightspeed also represents a cost-effective solution for margin traders, with the second-lowest margin interest rate in the MoneyRates survey. Still, other than people who are just starting to wade into the stock market, even this minimum should not be much of an obstacle for most serious investors.

More experienced investors are not only more likely to be able to afford Lightspeed's minimum, but they also should be familiar enough with their own investment habits to be able to project how Lightspeed's variable commission scale is likely to translate to their trading patterns.

These same investors are also likely to know what they need from a brokerage firm in terms of resources. Lightspeed, for example, provides more in the way of technical trading tools than it does fundamental company research. One concern to keep in mind is that Lightspeed did have a higher frequency of regulatory incidents and client disputes than most of the firms in the MoneyRates survey.

The more experienced investors Lightspeed is likely to appeal to may feel confident enough in their ability to look after their own interests to dismiss this concern. Choosing a broker is largely about knowing what you want. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for high-volume trading strategies, you may well find Lightspeed to be a good fit. December 13, Investing. Who is a good fit for Lightspeed Trading? You might also like.

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