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This page presents an interactive list of frequently ots options signals questions, and invites you to ask a question if you don't find the answer among the product information shared in this section.

Click there again when the answer is shown and it will collapse ots options signals down to show only the question. Option brokers require this capital to insure that they are not on the hook for potential losses. The service will strive to provide high probability trades with crisply defined risk every month. Regular analysis of the VIX and the broad market indices will be received by traders on a daily basis.

During certain periods of time, ots options signals earnings season, the amount of trades will increase. It is critical to note that the funds used to place trades recommended by the service should be considered risk capital. In basic terms, risk capital is money that a person ots options signals afford to lose. Subscribers should not be using funds that ots options signals require in ots options signals to live to place trades.

Money for a mortgage payment, health insurance, or a car payment should not be used to trade options or any other financial instrument. Risk capital is money that a subscriber can afford to lose and should be viewed as such. While we will utilize stops and will seek to take trades where our risk is clearly defined, proper money management is critical in order to achieve success as a trader.

Ots options signals will do my ots options signals to provide high quality, defined ots options signals setups but subscribers need to understand their own risk tolerance as well as what they can afford to lose without finding themselves in personal financial peril.

Broker dealers provide trade execution and in some cases trading platforms and real time quotes. OptionTradingSignals is focused on providing subscribers with a ots options signals education in the area of options. OptionTradingSignals and TheTechnicalTraders should be viewed as media publishers with a focus on educating subscribers how ots options signals effectively trade in financial markets.

We do not provide financial advice, nor do ots options signals have any profit sharing agreements with any broker dealers.

The focus of OptionTradingSignals is to provide an education for hopeful option traders to expedite consistent profitability as quickly as possible. Subscribers are essentially paying an online broker discount broker hopefully to provide them with trade execution and potentially a trading platform and access to real time quotes.

OptionTradingSignals is providing an educational service which is focused on finding low risk, high probability setups. Through this structure it aligns the interests of subscribers with that of OptionTradingSignals moderators and contributors.

Unlike equities or futures, options carry a totally different set of attributes which are not necessarily synonymous with their equity or futures counterparts. In most cases, a trade recommendation will be focused on one specific underlying as implied volatility can change abruptly or be totally different for two underlying assets which represent the same financial instrument.

It will be possible for traders to use other corresponding ots options signals should they choose, however they will be forced to figure out the proper strikes and the appropriate setup on their own.

The OptionTradingSignals service is designed to provide hopeful option traders with the appropriate education to be able to pull profit out of ots options signals market consistently. My methodology is pretty simple and straightforward. I utilize basic technical analysis combined with market internals to create an edge. In many cases, key support, resistance levels, and pivots are identified to build trades which utilize ots options signals decay.

Members will learn quite quickly the methodology that I use to find quality setups. Within a year, I would fully expect traders to be able to find quality risk reward setups utilizing basic option strategies to create profits on their own. Daily chart analysis and weekly reports and videos will round out the service and allow traders to fully grasp the strategies that I will be using.

For option traders to expedite the learning curve, quality option charting tools are a necessity to learn how option trades create profits. Most option specific brokers have tools built into their platforms. Online brokers like TradeMonster and ThinkorSwim have option charting tools which are free if you open a trading account with them.

I generally recommend that newer traders watch the service for a ots options signals weeks or longer paper trading based on the email alerts. By doing this, a novice trader can work out many of the issues or questions they might have regarding the trading platform they are using ots options signals the construction of various option trading strategies.

Options are quite different from stocks or futures, and for novice traders just starting out learning the ots options signals and how to set them up appropriately on the platform you are using is critical before any capital should be put at risk. When basic mistakes are removed through the use of paper-trading, it reduces the risk that a trader will make a mistake regarding trade execution.

This service will be recommending trades ots options signals a monthly basis, ots options signals if a subscriber paper-traded for an entire month there would still be plenty of time and recommendations to trade when they feel they are ready to go live and use real money. In the meantime, the subscriber would still have access to the various educational articles only available to subscribers as well as the morning and weekly reports.

Additionally subscribers would also have access to the weekly video which will be full of educational pointers from technical analysis to proper option trade configuration.

The service strives to have a rich mixture of educational feature while still ots options signals quality trade recommendations. Simply type and print out a basic note telling us that you want to order a particular subscription term. Here are 4 easy steps to do this right:. Ots options signals you for joining! I look forward to delivering low risk, high probability recommendations with the highest quality education throughout your ots options signals term.

Your login and password information is immediately sent to you via ots options signals email address you entered when you signed up for the service. However, it is critical to note that email is not always instantly delivered. If you do find the email there, I would suggest that you white list future emails that come from my server. Be sure to check with your email ots options signals provider to see if they offer a white list function they probably do.

Follow the procedure for your email software client to insure that email from the service is not considered junk or spam. If you sign up on Friday evening, Sunday night, or on holidays when financial markets are closed and have a question or an issue completing your order please send us an email. I take some weekends off and wait until early Monday morning before reading my emails from the ots options signals, but I will always reply as soon as possible.

The subscription fee that is charged for access to the service is for ONE subscriber. It is not to ots options signals shared with other people and doing so is a breach of the terms and service and is illegal. If ots options signals have a friend or two that are also interested in the service, encourage them to purchase it on their own. To deter password sharing, the service uses an advanced IP address logging detection software that will automatically disable a login and password permanently if what should be ONE ots options signals attempts to login from multiple locations simultaneously.

Besides the legal and ethical violations of sharing the same password, the other person s using your password may result in detection locking YOU out of the system. In the worst case scenario, a lockout could cause you to lose a portion of your profit or could potentially result in a loss. In either case, this type of mistake could cause tremendous damage to your trading capital.

I work very hard to deliver the very best value I can and it is simply wrong to abuse my services and effort. Always remember to be careful when using publicly-accessible computers. Contact us immediately should this happen so we can reset your password. Should this happen, I would encourage you to use a more complicated and secure password going forward. No problem at all, simply contact us and we will promptly cancel your subscription stopping future payments.

As soon as your subscription slot is cancelled, it may be sold to someone else. If the service is closed to new subscribers and your cancelled slot is sold, you could be locked out of ots options signals able to re-subscribe until such time that other slots open again. I really enjoy your service and personal attention you bring to your clients.

I do believe this is a value ots options signals service and you do an outstanding job for it's members. I'm stoked with the progress here. The trades are working well. You're the Captain of the ship and I'm just going along for the ride. Much Aloha for all of your "beyond expert advice" and your market brilliance. We out here need your knowledge to guide us.

In this world of financial sharks I believe ots options signals to be ots options signals fine and ethical young gentleman. We out here need your knowledge to guide us through the shark tank. Frequently Asked Questions This page presents an interactive list of frequently asked questions, and invites you to ask a question if you don't find the answer among the product information shared in this section.

What kind of technology do I need to make full use of the service? In order to make full use of the service, traders will need to have a device that can access the Internet.

A desktop computer, a laptop computer, or any handheld device that allows for the user to search using the Internet is required to make full use of the service. The service will be easily accessible by both Apple and Windows operating systems and having access to email will be paramount.

The website will also be compatible with operating systems such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari and handheld devices like the IPad, Google Droid, and other handheld devices.

How much money do I need in a trading account to take full advantage of the services offered? Are you a broker dealer? How do your signals work for trades of different trading vehicles? Can members actually learn your trading method and strategy? What is your track record and where can I find it?

I am new to option trading, how should I best utilize this service? Can I buy a subscription with a check or by mail? Here are 4 easy steps to do this right: Clearly identify the subscription term you desire.

If you wish to pay with a credit card, I can accept only Visa and Mastercard. Identify which card you wish to use ots options signals then send: Mail this letter to: However I strongly encourage members to setup their account electronically as it is fast, safe, and easy.

I just subscribed, how long will it be ots options signals I get my login and password? Do you offer any kind of free trial? This service is extremely exclusive at only members max because of options volume on some stocks.

That limit allows tremendous trader flexibility to offer recommendations that may not otherwise fit an unlimited capacity service.

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