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Note that the indicators can be shown on the main chart also called the price chart or on chart panels above or below it. Some indicators in the list under the Usually on main chart heading are traditionally shown on the price chart, others usually go on separate panels. Click the Ok button to add the indicators on the chart and close the selection window. The Apply button would add the indicators without closing the selection window.

Finding information on indicators. When you put your mouse over any indicator in either of the lists, an info param drop through option trading will appear next to it. Click on it to see some information on the indicator and usually a link to explain the indicator in more detail. Editing the indicators' parameters. Clicking on the edit icon next to the indicator in the Selected Indicators list will bring up the indicator parameter editor.

In it, you can change the indicator's available numeric and color parameters. Those vary for each indicator. Most indicators also have the three options listed at the top:. As you hover the mouse over the indicator or its legend on the chart, it will change colors or thickness or give param drop through option trading another indication depending on the Highlight indicator when mouse hovers: You can edit indicator parameters by clicking or double-clicking, depending on the Indicator Edit Action setting in the Settings - Charts - Generalon the indicator's legend or on the indicator itself on the chart.

Removing indicators from charts. Indicators can be removed from the chart by deleting them in the Chart Indicator Selection window. You can also remove them by right-clicking on the indicator or its legend param drop through option trading selecting the Delete options. Removing indicator legends from charts.

Sometimes, especially when chart windows are small, indicator legends get in the way. Param drop through option trading can be removed from the chart by un-selecting the Indicator Legends option in the Options on param drop through option trading View tab of the chart's ribbon menu. All the Usually on the main chart type indicators that are placed on the main chart show up together and share the main chart's scale. Other indicators that are placed on the main chart are also shown there, but on the lower third part of the chart.

In contrast, the indicators that are placed in the Above the main chart and the Below the main chart sections show up on separate panels, param drop through option trading per indicator. In order to have such indicators show on the same panel, you can link them by clicking in-between the pips of the indicators on the Selected Indicator list. The two or more indicators linked in this way will show up together and MT will attempt to have them share the same Y axis unless they have very different scales.

In that case, the second scale will go on the other side of the chart. If you prefer to force it so that each linked indicator has its own scale, click on the link again. It will change to a red broken link, which means that MT will not attempt to use the same scale param drop through option trading the linked indicators.

Click again to un-link. Indicators can be added to charts by clicking on the Indicators button in the Main ribbon menu tab.

Doing that opens the Chart Indicator Selection window. Most indicators also have the three options listed at the top: Selecting colors for indicators: Those include pre-selected indicator colors as well as other color scheme colors such as Positive, Negative, Bid, Ask. The advantage of picking the color scheme colors is that if you change the chart's color scheme, the colors will change with it, staying distinctive and visible on the chart.

Hide Indicator - will not show the indicator on the chart, but will leave it in the Selected Indicators list. Adjust Scale - when Y axis is dynamically sized, it usually takes into account only the price data. Show Current Value - will show the current value of the indicator or several values, depending on the indicatoron the Y axis.

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