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Package conflicts in LaTeX are a hell. Hyperref is by pdflatex latex error option clash for package inputenc the package causing most conflicts. It contains an extensive, albeit not complete list of conflicts and solutions. If you have a preamble, e.

The page numbers in main matter are arabic 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. However, the page labels are the same in both cases page. This leads to the error. To circumvent, tell the hyperref package to use page labels with roman symbols page.

If you get errors like the above, even though you really have only one figure 1. This was fixed in llncs. Download the latest versions of llncs2e. If the above error occurs the second time you run latex, but not the first time, you may experience a conflict between the hyperref and algorithm package. This causes the above error if latex is run the second time when it includes the faulty aux file. If you include multiple algorithms in your document, the labels for the line numbers are the same for each algorithm, and the hyperref package complains about that.

See also fix hyperref warnings with line numbers. Below is the diff. Copy this to a file, save as algorithmic. Neither the pseudocode nor the algorithms package has provisions to cope with this name clash.

The easiest solution is simply not to use both packages in the same document, but pick a single package for all pseudo-code in your document.

Strangely enough, this may be caused by an older version of the pgf package. Strange because PGF is a draw package, and I did not expect it to interfere with mathematical equations.

Upgrade pdflatex latex error option clash for package inputenc a newer version PGF 2. Please don't ask my why. The cause of this particular LaTeX magic is well over my head. If you use xelatex instead of pdflatex as the typesetting program, and you specify pdftex as the driver for some packages:.

This is in conflict. XeTeX does not work properly with the pdftex driver. Instead, specify xetex as pdflatex latex error option clash for package inputenc driver:. The default driver has changed from xdv2pdf to xdvipdfmx in XeTeX 0. The xetex option works fine in XeTeX 0. If you use version 0. However, it does not specify any options, so if you later load the graphicx package with options, this does conflict each other.

There are two solutions. The first is to simply not load the graphicx package anymore, or don't specify any options either:. The second, and better, solution is to load the graphicx package before loading the xltxtra package. This did not work either.

For the exact syntax of the literate parameter, see the explanation by Philippe Goutet. If you need multibyte characters in your listing, your best option is to escape to LaTeX, as explained in the listings documentation.

Note that pdflatex latex error option clash for package inputenc you include xltxtra, that automatically includes xunicode, so amssymb should also go before xltxtra:. Likely, you already included the subfig package. The solution is to load cation before subfig:. A work-around is to use the tocloft package instead of the titletoc package. Make sure to specify the "titles" options if you combine it with the titlesec package:.

XeTeX always expects UTF-8 input, so it is not only redundant to specify the inputenc package, but also incorrect: For this reason, as well as poor hyphenation support, babel is not recommended in conjunction with XeTeX. That said, I could not reproduce this problems, so you can just try and see what happens. If you experience problems, there are two solutions. Use polyglossia instead of babel.

Babel is considered a mess, and Polyglossia was developed specifically with XeTeX in mind. This is caused by an incompatibility between hyperref and fancychapter. The solution is to load hyperref after fncychap:. Either still use Babel instead of Polyglossia and face Babel's quirksor redefine captionsenglish, captiongerman or whatever language you choose as a work-around.

This problem is caused by a difference in the ascender and descender in the two fonts in combination with the way the xdvipdfmx as pdflatex latex error option clash for package inputenc by XeTeX calculates the box height.

No good solution exists yet. David Jones analyzed this problem. It turns out that ascender and descender in Latin Modern is larger than in Computer Modern. Unfortunately, the xdvipdfmx engine seems to calculate the box height based on the ascender and descender of the font, rather then the line height or the height of the actual glyphs in the link.

So the solution is to either use a different engine or use a different font. If that is not an option, live with it or modify the source code of xdvipdfmx. Please let me know if you found a patch for xdvipdfmx, or let me know if is working fine for you with a newer version of Latin Modern or xdvipdfmx.

Latin Modern is an extension to the older Computer Modern font set, and is the default font in the fontspec package. However, the naming convention of Latin Modern lm changed around the time TexLive came out. If you use Latin Modern with TexLiveyou will get the random characters in the output file. Latin Modern Sans does not have a small capital variant.

Neither does the replacement font Latin Modern. The xdvipdfmx or xdv2pdf driver typically gives a more detailed error message. All these errors are caused by xdv2pdf, which is a relative old driver for XeTeX. You are recommended to use the xdvipdfmx driver, which is the default since XeTeX 0.

Alternatively, specify the driver explicitly though you may need to install it first:. If you only get the above warning, you can safely ignore it, as the output will look good. The cause of this error is yet unknown. The solution according to the XeTeX site is to use a different Font. However, I got the same problem with all sort of fonts. If you get the other errors about missing fonts, your document will not look good.

While at first sight it may look good, I found that some texts are missing in pictures and formulas. If you encounter the above errors, first of all, make sure you use a recent version of XeTeX. I encountered to above errors with version 0. Retrieved from " http: Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Views Read View source View history. This page was last modified on 16 Juneat Pdflatex latex error option clash for package inputenc is available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.

Pdflatex latex error option clash for package inputenc policy About Exterior Memory Disclaimers.

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