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When a pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat member experiences illnesses, household may be subject to catastrophic health spending. Disabling condition associated with the illnesses also entails significant loss of income due to reduced labor supply Dinku ; Gertler and Gruber Empirical evidence from developing countries where the coverage of health insurance is still limited and out-of-pocket OOP payment remains the primary way to access health care suggests that households are unable to pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat insure their income against losses from moderate and severe health shocks Alam and Mahal Even if they are able to smooth their income losses, it might be accomplished through strategies that worsen vulnerability, including increased loans, asset sales and decreased investment in children's education Mitra et al.

Children's education has been widely documented as being vulnerable to household's economic and demographic shocks Fabre and Pallage ; Duryea et al.

Resource-constrained households often have to undertake intra-household risk sharing in order to cope with the shocks. In health shocks context, illnesses experienced by parents may adversely affect children's education in several ways. Firstly, a parent's health shocks may reduce households' ability to afford children education due to increased medical cost and decreased income.

Secondly, when a parent is ill, pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat may need cheap labor to substitute parents missed work. One may argue that children's labor supply cannot perfectly substitute their parent's.

However, it is worth noting that in developing 2 countries where considerable amount of jobs constitutes to informal and agriculture works, children are more likely to substitute parent's work compared to children in developed countries. Lastly, even if the parents are able to afford children education following an illness, household may still have to withdraw their children from school to meet household's labor demand.

Withdrawing children from school in response to any economic and demographic shocks has been considered as a costly risk-coping strategy because it reduces children's human capital accumulation which in its turn will decrease children's future earnings Alam Moreover, sending children to participate in labor market is detrimental to children's development.

Child labor pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat been found as being vulnerable to hazardous working condition which is harmful to children's physical and mental development Wolff and Maliki In addition, child labor itself also has been associated with reduced schooling. Even if the working children manage to stay in school, participation in labor market may reduce their skills performance and slow down their grade progression Aldobrandini ; Sim et al.

Several empirical studies have suggested that parental health shocks indeed adversely affect children's education. A study by Dhanaraj of state Andhra Pradesh in India found that health shocks to poorer parents induce temporary delay in primary school enrollment and reduce school attainment by 0. Similar results were also found by Alam who studied the impact of parental health shocks among primary school-age children in Tanzania. In his findings, only pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat health shocks significantly reduce household's ability to afford education 3 which in the end reduces children's chance to complete primary school and leads to fewer years of schooling.

In addition to their negative impacts to children's education, parents' health shocks also have been found to increase the prevalence of child pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat. Using data from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bratti and Mendola found that in order to cover higher health expenditure following mother's health shocks, children are more likely to participate in employment.

Liuon the other hand, found that in the face of parents' illness, households in rural China are able to smooth consumption by not only dropping children out of school but also using their labor supply.

The similar finding also raised by Dinku who found that children in Ethiopia tend to increase time spent on domestic work in response to mother's illnesses.

Indonesian households who remain put out-of-pocket spending as the primary means to access health service is liable to the negative impact of health shocks.

Studies have suggested that illnesses among adult family members in Indonesia, particularly the one that affects physical functioning, have negatively affected household's consumptions Gertler and Gruber ; Nguyet and Mangyo This effect comes pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat a significant surge in out-of-pocket health spending which disproportionately affects poor and rural households Sparrow et al. In response to such health shocks, poor households 4 in Indonesia tend pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat and draw form buffers, such as savings and assets, a strategy which infers potential negative long term effects Sparrow et al.

Furthermore, empirical evidence also has indicated that children's education in Indonesia is vulnerable to risks and shocks. Fitzsimons suggested that children's education in Indonesia is prone to village-level risks, whereas Modena indicated that children's schooling tends to be compromised in the face of household's shocks. She found that as a consequence of negative income shocks, children in rural Indonesia are less likely to attend junior and senior high school. In addition, children's schooling in Indonesia also seems being affected pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat weather-related shocks.

Korkeala who studied the impact of weather shocks among Indonesia's farmer households found that riskier distribution of rainfall contributes to children's delay to enter elementary school. Considering the vast empirical evidence on the adverse effects of health shocks and noting the fact that children's education in Indonesia has been vulnerable to risks, this paper aims to investigate the link between parental health shocks and children's education using Indonesian data.

Specifically, this paper tries to answer the question of whether pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat health shocks affect expenditure spent on children education and whether they affect children's school enrollment. Moreover, to examine intra-household labor substitution, children's time allocation following parent's illness, such as children's involvement in labor market and household works will also be investigated.

The investigation on the impact of parental health shocks on children's education and children's employment is important for two main reasons. First, from theoretical standpoint, it contributes to the growing body of knowledge of child 5 labor and risk-coping literatures. Moreover, study on this topic helps to better understand how parental health shocks could affect intra-household labor allocation and human capital investment on children.

Second, in light of increasing efforts taken by government in many developing countries to provide social assistances and expand the coverage of health insurance, findings from this study are pivotal in answering critical policy questions. This study puts several contributions. First, it addresses gap in empirical evidence. Despite of abundant literatures discussing household's coping mechanisms in response to health shocks using Indonesian data Modena ; Genoni ; Sparrow et al. This would be the first study on such topic using Indonesian data.

Second, by exploiting longitudinal survey from the Indonesian Family Life Survey IFLSthis study uses child fixed effects estimate which addresses concerns on individual and household unobserved heterogeneity that potentially bias the analysis using cross sectional data.

Third, benefitting from rich information available in IFLS, this study is able to address problem caused by subjective health indicators by employing non- subjective health indicators, such as days of sickness and Activities of Daily Living ADL index. Moreover, this rich data also enriches the discussion of this paper by extending the analysis to different educational and child labor outcomes, as well analysis on different age-cohort, birth order and income groups.

The structure of the paper is as follows: Section 2 highlights theoretical foundations, past literatures and country's context of this research. Section 3 6 discusses empirical method and data. Section 4 presents statistical descriptive and results. Section 5 concludes the discussion. Do parent's health shocks affect children's education outcomes?

Do parent's health shocks induce child labor? The findings are expected to help better understand the risk-coping strategies taken by Indonesian households, particularly in explaining parent's behavior towards investment on children education and intra- household labor allocation in the face of health shocks.

This model posits that when the market is complete, households are able to separate consumption and investment decision. Parents are assumed to maximize children's welfare when no reduction in their own consumption or leisure is entailed. In such scenario, human capital investment in children does not depend on parents' assets or earnings because parents are able to borrow whatever is necessary to maximize their children's future net income.

Becker and Tomes However, when the financial market is incomplete, households particularly the poor are unable borrow. In this case, the separability assumption does not hold in which human capital investment in children is now dependent to parents' resources and earnings.

In this situation, parents finance their children's education either by selling assets, by reducing consumption, or by raising labor-force activities of the children. The consumption reduction would raise its marginal utility relative to marginal utility of resource invested in children which consequently would discourage expenditure spent on children Becker and Tomes Therefore, children from resource-constrained households, particularly in developing countries where financial market is far from perfect, are expected to be more affected by health shocks experienced by their parents.

In their model, children's school enrollment is determined in the following process: The first variables are money " and time " that parents invested on their children's education. Parents are expected to pay for tuition fee and other school expenses as well spending time with children, i. Children's unobservable characteristics such as inherited ability " and parents' intertemporal discount rate "which in this model are assumed to be fixed across time, are also important in determining children's school enrollment.

As noted by Becker and Tomeschildren with higher ability have a higher return on education, therefore parents are more likely to invest more money and time to the children who have higher ability. Intertemporal discount rate reflects the tendency of people to discount rewards as they approach a temporal horizon in the future or the past. There is a widely acceptable hypothesis which suggests that people with higher temporal discount rate tend to make unhealthy choice because they devalue delayed rewards Story et al.

The amount of money and time invested to the children's education is an outcome of the optimal parents' choice with respect to time and budget constraint. Parents' money and time are determined by various factors as indicated by the following functions: Parents' health condition " also affects children's schooling as it reduces income and time available for the children's education. Furthermore, parents' current health is the result of past investment which depends on their time variant and time invariant characteristics, their discount rate and random health shocks ".

Health condition " in equation 5 is endogenous with respect to children's education because both of them depend on the same unobservable factors, the intertemporal discount rate ". Parents with high discount rate are more likely to 10 engage in self-damaging behavior where at the same pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat they also invest less on children education. For that reason, ordinary least square OLS estimation on the effect of parental health shocks to children's education pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat " in equation 5 will give inconsistent pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat.

To deal with this situation, Bratti and Mendola suggest a child fixed effects estimation which captures the impact of all children and parents' time-invariant characteristics both observable " and the unobservable ones ;".

After controlling parents' " and children's " time-varying characteristics, the only remaining variation in parents' health status to be pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat is the one coming from health shocks "which in this model are assumed to be exogenous. Therefore, by employing child fixed effects estimation on equation 5the causal relationship between parental health shocks and children's schooling can be obtained Bratti and Mendola This section aims to clarify the definitions as well as to discuss some instrumental aspects of health shocks and child labor that are relevant with the context of this study.

Several health measures have been commonly used for health shocks in past literatures Currie and Madrian Each of health indicators mentioned above has specific strengths and drawbacks depending on the availability of the data and its objectivity in capturing respondents' health conditions. Data availability is critical in determining what health measurements that will be used in the analysis since only few representative surveys from developing countries that track different health aspects and severity levels over time Mitra et al.

Self pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat health is one of the most popular measurement used in empirical studies because it is available in almost all health surveys. Aside from self assessed health, other health measurements such as days of sickness, chronic illness and activities of daily living have also been widely used pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat recent studies, most notably by Bratti and MendolaAlamLiuNguyet and MangyoGertler and Gruberto name a few.

It is important to note that when even the data on health indicators are available, those indicators may suffer from endogeneity problem Bratti and Mendola ; Mitra et al. The endogeneity may potentially arise because of random or systematic measurement of error in health measurements that may be correlated with characteristics that included in the regression.

Lindelow and Wagstaff suggest a possibilty of correlation between potential measurement of errors in self health assessments with independent variables of interest because perceptions about own health status are likely to be influenced by education, contact with the health systems, and other factors related to independent variables. Other 12 health indicator such as utilization of medical care is also prone to endogeneity since utilization of health facilities is most likely correlated with health preferences and pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat proximity of healthcare facilities.

In order to reduce endogeneity problem that comes from measurement of error, previous studies have tried to employ more objective health measurements. Recent researches by Bratti and Mendola ; Alamand Liu used percentage days of sickness in the past month as the primary health indicators. Alam believed that days of sickness is a better indicator than self assessed health because it has objective measure.

In addition, short recall period used in this indicator minimizes the potential measurement of error which usually caused by respondents' inaccuracy in reporting past ill health events. Another objective health indicator that has been widely used in past literatures, most notably by Gertler and Gruber ; Nguyet and Mangyo ; Genoni ; Bratti and Mendolais activities of daily living ADL which has been found to be reliable and has a high degree of internal consistency in the United States and Southeast Asia Gertler and Gruber The measures are less susceptible to the type of measurement present in other self-reported indicators such as assessment about general health status and morbidities.

This is due to the fact that the questions are more specific and objective, pemimpin perdagangan pilihan binari banc debat example the question asks whether respondents are able to carry a heavy load for 20 meters which is more specific and objective rather than asking about their general health status.

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