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Le format de fichier OpenEXR utilise le type alpha. Straight alpha can be considered to signaux option binaire facile argument an RGB color image with a separate alpha signaux option binaire facile argument.

In areas where this mask is signaux option binaire facile argument transparent, there can still be colors in the RGB channels.

On conversion to premultiplied alpha, this mask is applied and the colors in such areas become black and are lost. Voir aussi Modificateur Boolean. Voir aussi Bounding Volume Hierarchy sur Wikipedia. Voir aussi Caustics sur Wikipedia. See also Convex and concave polygons on Wikipedia. IPand B frames. Aussi connue comme Multi-Sampling. Voir aussi Gimbal sur Wikipedia. Voir aussi Modificateur Lattice. A 3D coordinate system that originates for Objects at the Object Origin. Compare to World Space.

Mipmaps are progressively lower resolution representations of an image, generally reduced by half squared interpolations using anti-aliasing. Mipmapping is the process used to calculate lower resolutions of the same image, reducing memory usage to help speed visualization, but increasing memory usage for calculations and allocation. Mipmapping is also a process used to create small anti-aliased samples of an image used for texturing.

The mipmapping calculations are made by CPUs, but modern graphic processors can be selected for this task and are way faster. See also Importance signaux option binaire facile argument on Wikipedia. Non-Manifold meshes essentially define geometry which cannot exist in the real world. A non-manifold mesh is a mesh in which the structure of a non-overlapped surface based on its connected faces will not determine the inside or the outside of a volume based on its normals, defining a single surface for both sides, but ended with flipped normals.

When working with non-closed volumes, a non-manifold mesh will always determine at least one discontinuity in the normal directions, either by an inversion of signaux option binaire facile argument connected loop, or by an odd number of surfaces. A non-manifold mesh will always define an odd number of surfaces.

See also Normals on Wikipedia. Voir aussi OpenGL sur Wikipedia. Voir aussi Agrandissement sur Wikipedia. Voir aussi les docs du Point pivot docs. A global lighting method that calculates patterns of light and shadow for rendering graphics images from signaux option binaire facile argument models. One of the many different tools which can simulate diffuse lighting in Blender.

Voir aussi Radiosity computer graphics sur Wikipedia. Voir aussi Display Referenced. A method of creating smooth higher poly surfaces which can take a low polygon mesh as input.

Voir aussi Catmull-Clark subdivision surface sur Wikipedia. Aussi les signaux option binaire facile argument images ou la sortie pour le Web sont habituellement straight alpha. Ambient Occlusion A ratio of how much ambient light a surface point would be likely to receive. Animation Simulation de mouvement. In rendering this refers to diffuse reflected light paths after a glossy or refraction bounce. Matte compositing Refers to a point in the color gamut surrounded by a mixture of a determined spectrum of its RGB neighboring colors.

This point is called Chroma key and this key a chosen color is used to create an Alpha Mask. The total amount of gamut space for this chrominance point is defined by users in a circular or square shaped format. Chromaticities The coordinates of the primaries on the CIE xy chromaticity diagram. Hue Le ton de la couleur. Saturation Also known as colorfulness, saturation is the quantity of hue in the color from desaturated — a shade of gray — to saturated — brighter colors.

For most things, diffuse light is the main lighting we see. Diffuse light comes from a specific direction or location and creates shading. Surfaces facing towards the light source will be brighter, while surfaces facing away from the light source will be darker.

Display Referenced Refers to an image whose Signaux option binaire facile argument channel is limited to a certain range of values usually The reason it is called display referenced is because a display cannot display an infinite range of values. So, the term Scene Referenced must go through a transfer function to be converted from one to the other. Sinon, il est cyclique. Edge Ring Path of all edges along a face loop that share two faces belonging to that loop. Face Loop Chain of consecutive signaux option binaire facile argument.

A face loop stops at a triangle or N-gon which do signaux option binaire facile argument belong to the loopor at a boundary. Otherwise, it is cyclic. Field of View The area in which objects are visible signaux option binaire facile argument the camera. Also see Focal Length. Focal Length Longueur focale The distance required by a lens to focus collimated light. Defines the magnification power of a lens. Also see Field of View.

Voir aussi Gimbal lock sur Wikipedia. Voir aussi Gimbal lock sur Stackexchange. Global Illumination A superset of radiosity and ray tracing. The goal is to compute all possible light interactions in a given scene, and thus, obtain a truly photo-realistic image. All combinations of diffuse and specular reflections and transmissions must be accounted for. Effects such as color bleeding and caustics must be included in a global illumination simulation.

Global Space Voir World Space. Glossy Map Voir Roughness Map. Le point de rotation pour cet Os. Inverse Kinematics The process of determining the movement of interconnected segments of a body or model.

Using ordinary Kinematics on a hierarchically structured object you can, for example, move the shoulder of a puppet. The upper and lower arm and hand will automatically follow that movement.

IK will allow you to move the hand and let the lower and upper arm go along with the movement. Without IK the hand would come off the model and would move independently in space.

When a light ray travels through the same volume it signaux option binaire facile argument a straight path. However, if it passes from one transparent volume to another, it bends.

The angle by which the ray is bent can be determined by the IOR of the materials of both volumes. Layer Calque Un dispositif pour organiser les objets.

Manifold Manifold meshes, also called water tight meshes, define a closed non-self-intersecting volume see also non-manifold. A manifold mesh is a mesh in which the structure of the connected faces in a closed volume will always point the normals and there surfaces to the outside or to the inside of the mesh without any overlaps.

If you recalculate those normals, they will always point at a signaux option binaire facile argument direction To the outside or to the inside of the volume. When working with non-closed volumes, a manifold mesh is a mesh in which the normals will always define two different and non-consecutive surfaces. A manifold mesh will always define an even number of non-overlapped surfaces. N-gon Une face qui contient plus de quatre sommets. Parent Un Objet qui affecte ses objets Enfants.

Phong Local illumination model that can produce a certain signaux option binaire facile argument of realism in three-dimensional objects by combining three elements: It has several assumptions — all lights are points, only surface geometry is considered, only local modeling of diffuse and specular, specular color is the same as light color, ambient is a global constant. Pose Mode mode Pose Signaux option binaire facile argument for posingkeyframingweight paintingconstraining and parenting the bones of an armature.

Premultiplied Alpha Voir Canal alpha. Primaries primaires In color theory, a primary often known as primary color is the abstract lights, using an absolute model, that make up a color space. Orthographic En projection orthographiquevous avez une direction de vue mais pas un point O. Quad Quadrilateral Quadrangle Face qui contient exactement quatre sommets. Il se peut que ceci soit connu comme un Glossy Map. Scanline Technique de rendu. Straight Alpha Voir Canal alpha. Subsurf Subdivision Surface A method of creating smooth higher poly surfaces which can take a low polygon mesh as input.

Texture Space The bounding box to use when using Generated mapping to add a Texture to an image. Transforms The combined idea of location, rotation, and scale. Triangle Face avec exactement trois sommets. Vertex Group groupe de sommets Collection de sommets.

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