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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We receive a ton of emails from happy staircase railing options for basements who have used our product to solve their railing troubles. We love seeing the value that our customers get from using our products and that they thoroughly enjoy the flexibility, ease of staircase railing options for basements, and durability that accompany our products.

A common problem our staircase railing options for basements have are the need for a railing solution that can be easily added to the concrete steps outside their home or in their garage.

Naturally, one of our most popular products for solving this problem is our Simple Rail handrail kits. These kits make it extremely easy to add a railing to already existing structures like a concrete wall or steps.

To show you just how simple these railings are to use, here's 15 customers who have used our railing solutions to help them conquer their concrete walls or steps. They look fantastic too! Looking to purchase a railing kit for your concrete steps? Browse our complete list of railing kits. Tedd needed a staircase railing options for basements for the stairs in his garage. Here's what he had to say Just like in Tedd's case, Bob needed a railing for a small set of stairs in his garage.

We were concerned that they might stumble on the steps and get injured. Now building a simple handrail is even easier! Constructed with Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rail handrails are durable and easy to install.

After meaning to install a railing outside on his front porch for some staircase railing options for basements now, Mike finally was able to find the time to install one. He decided to use a Simple Rail handrail kit to suit his application. Mike appreciated the ease of use, sturdiness, and the excellent customer service he received.

I don't have anywhere to push snow so a "simple rail" really suited my application I would like to commend Josh and Anthony for their help, they did a great job and were more than helpful!

Jim needed a railing for a series of concrete steps as he was concerned about safety. After searching online, he stumbled across Simplified Building and was able to find a solution that suited his situation perfectly.

He was able to install a railing with minimal effort and appreciated that the handrail was easy to assemble. Jim described it as a "simple and clean installation". Stephen needed a railing that spanned 10 feet from his driveway to his patio.

He was able to add a railing on one side using a Simple Rail handrail kit. Stephen said it was a "very nice product, easy to work with and very sturdy. For many years this curved stairway outside in Steve's front yard had no railing. He finally decided staircase railing options for basements add one as he was concerned about safety.

Steve appreciated the simplicity and said, "Kee Klamp along with Kee Lite provided staircase railing options for basements perfect solution. This set of steps leads down a Marina. Randall was able to add a series of rail staircase railing options for basements protect people from slipping or falling and putting a damper on their day at the lake. The end result pairs great with the stone concrete steps and the fall colors of the leaves make these pictures look fantastic! David is 75 years old and was set for a procedure to replace both of his knees.

So he needed a railing to help support himself when going in and out of his house. That's when he came across Simple Rail. It was a perfect fit for his situation.

David loved how his railing came out and now feels safe going up and down the concrete steps outside his home. Here's what David had to say They don't normally do two knee replacements the same day so I had my wife take the photo of me holding myself up on the hand rails to show the surgeon that I am strong enough at my older age to withstand getting both knees done at once and it also showed how strong the railing is as I weigh pounds.

Thomas needed to install a short railing for the two concrete steps staircase railing options for basements his father's garage. He found the L railing kit and was able to add a solution to this problem quickly and with minimal effort.

Staircase railing options for basements what Thomas had to say It was industrial grade quality, much better than I imagined. The directions were easy to follow. I anchored into the concrete steps. Only change in directions staircase railing options for basements I made was drilling the holes in the railing before mounting rather than after as the directions suggest, since the steel is quite thick and needs a lot of torque to drill through, it was better to set it up in a vise and drill it that way.

Michael came to us because he wanted to put a handrail on the concrete steps outside on his back porch. However, he had constraints when finding a solution since the top of the steps had been repaired and probably would not support a flange or post.

He also wanted to be able to grasp the railing from the inside of the porch before stepping down. He was able to accomplish all of this by modifying one of our hybrid kits. John needed a railing for the steps outside on his back patio. He was able to accomplish this by installing a Simple Rail handrail kit. As a condition of a buyers FHA loan, Craig needed to install a railing on the front concrete steps on a property he was flipping.

Craig appreciated the effectiveness and ease of use of Simple Rail. It took about 1. Jason needed a railing for the senior citizens that attend his church.

Jason appreciated that it was a breeze to use Simple Rail. It was a pleasure to install this very easy project. I wish all projects were this easy! And the durability is what we need. To avoid tripping or falling on the back porch of his house, James decided to add a railing to the concrete steps. Other than having a little trouble with installing the concrete anchors, James thought the project was easy. Tamara needed a railing to ensure she was within the requirements of her homeowner's insurance.

After having to deal with the hassle of talking to many contractors and railing suppliers, Tamara frustratingly got nowhere as all of their proposed solutions were too expensive. After searching online, she stumbled across Simplified Building, and we were able to find a solution that fit her needs perfectly.

Here's what she had to say about her new railing By doing an online search for railings, I came across simplified building solutions. Upon further research, it looked pretty easy to install.

Simple Rail handrail kits are just that; simple. They provide a cost-effective solution that goes up quickly and is easy to install. Browse our kits for a railing solution that you can add to the steps in your garage or patio.

Also, if you're attaching to concrete, be sure to check out this article, "Attaching to a Concrete Base or Wall" to learn how to correctly add a handrail to concrete. Our experts will help you select the items you need to create your project. Browse Simple Rail Kits. Easy to Install Outdoor Stair Railing. Looking to secure your exterior stairs? Learn how to build a simple, heavy-duty handrail with a Simple Rail kit. This project is awesome! Share it with your friends on your preferred social network.

Our Team is Here to Help. Adding Railing to a Stone Wall. Attaching Railing to a Concrete Base or Wall. Added to cart Edit your cart. There was an error adding this item to your cart:

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If your home is equipped with a basement than having a well-designed and safe staircase is quite essential. A staircase that leads to the basement is a prominent element that one can't miss out while finishing the basements.

Once the task of basement refinishing is done, you can start with refinishing the staircase. You can also simultaneously work on the staircase while working on the basement as well. So wondering how to revamp a dull and unfinished staircase? Here are some steps that will help you give them a makeover and turn them into a perfect entryway for your renovated basements. Refinish Them There are various ways of refinishing the stairs depending upon the material of stairs.

For concrete stairs, you can consider tiling the surface to get a well-finished and elegant look. You can consider installing one of the best flooring options for stairs depending upon your budget. On the other hand, if the cost is high but you still wish to transform the appearance of the stairs, consider painting it. Yes, concrete painting is not a tough task and the same also offers a great looking staircase that can be further beautified with various design and decoration ideas.

If you want to refinish wooden stairs, then you can consider alternatives like staining them, painting them or installing prefinished stair treads over them.

Prefinished treads remain a popular choice that will refurbish the staircase in a short time. Work on the Decor Once the staircase is ready, it is time to work on the walls surrounding it.

Often times, the staircase leading to basements are surrounded by walls from both the sides. As the basements often lack natural illumination, pick light colors for the walls.

You can simply paint them white and add some wall hangings. Yes, spicing up the walls surrounding the stairs with frames and wall hangings is an easy way to create a cool looking entryway for this area. If you are ready to spend more, consider decorating the walls with classic wallpapers and create an effect of natural stones or bricks. If the staircase has railing, get it painted with a fresh coat of bright color matching with the wall paint color. If you are adding wall panels for basement consider continuing them up, to grace the wall besides the stairs.

Spice Up the Staircase Now it is time to add finishing touches to the stairs. All you can do is checkout the stair treads and choose those which suit the basement decor.

If you want to fit them in a small budget go for the rubber treads. The carpet runners are the ultimate way to play up the look of these stairs and have a grand entry way to the basement area. Go for soft colors like beige, gray or darker shades like red or navy blue according to the basement interior design. So, when you plan to utilize the basement by converting it into a usable room, make sure that you don't forget to revamp the staircase. With the tips and ideas mentioned above, get set to have an awesome entrance to this space.

Placing potted plants and other accent pieces on the stairs is another great idea. Well, place these only if the staircase is wide enough to accommodate such accent pieces without leading to a cluttered effect.

The dimensions will also decide the total refinishing cost. Trying to maintain uniformity in terms of colors is sure to help you have a perfect package of decorated space. Modern Style Stair Railing Ideas. Carpet Tiles for Stairs. How to Build Stair Railings. How to Build a Spiral Staircase. How to Build Concrete Stairs. Outdoor Handrails for Steps. Flooring Options for Stairs. Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas. Soaking Tubs for Small Bathrooms.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations. Bay Window Curtain Ideas. Wine Rack Design Ideas. Bedroom Ideas for Young Women. Loft Bed Ideas for Girls. Bedroom Wall Painting Ideas. Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors. Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors.