If I pay for a course to learn about trading can I write some of it off?

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October 30, 7: Financial stock broker fees tax deductible and FP columnist Jason Heath helps readers shed light on everyday financial decisions. Send your questions to personalfinance nationalpost. There are two sure-fire ways to increase your investment returns. One is to reduce your investment fees and the other is stock broker fees tax deductible reduce your tax payable.

The third way to increase your investment returns — performance — is much more of a wildcard. Some investment fees are tax-deductible, meaning your after-tax cost of investing is less. You need to understand the way you pay your investment costs in the first place in order to determine if your fees result in tax savings. The vast majority of Canadians have a professional investment advisor. The vast majority of those Canadians have their investments in mutual funds. Mutual funds have embedded management expense ratios MERswhich are fees that come out of the mutual fund assets and reduce your return.

These fees are not specifically tax-deductible — that is, you cannot claim them as deductions on your tax return, no matter what kind of account you have. Some Canadians pay commissions to buy and sell investments, whether to a full-service stock broker or for their self-directed brokerage account. Commissions are not specifically tax-deductible — that is, they cannot be deducted on your tax return. Commissions increase the cost base or purchase price of an investment and decrease the sale proceeds of that investment and therefore reduce the capital gain or increase the capital loss that is taxable or tax-deductible on your tax return in the year of sale.

Only capital gains or losses on non-registered investments are relevant for tax purposes. A fee-based investment account is an account where your advisor charges you a fee as a percentage of your investments. The same rules apply — fees on tax-deferred accounts are not tax-deductible. A fee-based non-registered investment account that generates taxable investment income is an account where your investment fees are specifically tax-deductible. Stock broker fees tax deductible firms will typically issue a receipt or statement or confirmation of the fees paid on such an stock broker fees tax deductible over the course of a year.

In practice, most taxpayers deduct these fees in full. In theory, not all of these fees are tax-deductible. So in practice, most people claim their fees without regard for the rules. This is because any income or capital gains earned in a TFSA are tax-free, as are withdrawals. Financial independence should be a goal of all Canadians.

It also means understanding your finances, so that you feel personally empowered and informed. Having the right information about things like fees and taxes can help you to better understand your investments — and ultimately, to increase your investment returns.

Filed under Personal Finance. Not that long ago lithium was the it-mineral but miners are finding it harder to raise capital stock broker fees tax deductible that fears stock broker fees tax deductible over-estimated electric-car uptake have crept onto the scene. Signs of concessions that could benefit Canada mount as America and Mexico faces pressure from different fronts.

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