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Automatisiertes System zum Vergleich individueller Genom- Transkriptom- Proteom- Epigenom und Metabolomdaten mit Daten aus Knochenmarkspender-Registern und Blut, Nabelschnurblut und Gewebebanken An automated system for comparison of individual genome, transcriptome, proteome, and epigenetic metabolome with data from a bone marrow donor registries and blood, umbilical cord blood and tissue banks.

In order to be a people displaced due to their molecular diagnosis even before the outbreak of a disease in a position to consider options for therapy with cells or other stored preparations and substances and to introduce at any time a therapy. On the other registers or cord blood banks or other biological banks can start from electronic databases containing personal health data, such as HealthVault Microsoft requests through the system for providers of molecular services or providers, whether their customers, for example, with certain genetic and other molecular data would be willing, for example, to let cord blood so that, for example, the question inquiring cord blood bank, for example, can develop for certain HLA types the inventory strategically.

In recent years, various procedures and methods have emerged, umbilical cord blood preparations NSB to mediate between collection centers or cord blood banks on the one hand and the clinics or transplant centers on the other. All procedures and methods have their origin in the processes that are required for the placement of bone marrow.

Bislang bestehen aber keine automatisierten Prozesse. The registered data can relate, for example to the so-called HLA match or to the specimen in the existing cell number and other medical and biological data for example blood group.

Hospitals and transplant centers have so-called coordinators who carry out the selection of NSB-graft using the transmitted data. These coordinators propose a selection of preparations the treating physician. Der Arzt entscheidet, ob und welches Transplantat genutzt wird.

The doctor will decide if and which graft is used. So that the clinics can order the right cord blood unit, the clinic for each preparation must check all significant data on the respective preparation. For the information set out in a so-called Unit Report, but no standards have been defined worldwide.

The correlation of the data of individual preparations were each not covered so far. Coordinators are subject to an iterative process that is time consuming and error prone in the preparations choice. This problem is exacerbated by many embedded NSB, which means that the cell number of the preparation is too small preparations that techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter fit eg after HLA match, are too small for transplantation.

The genetic fit HLA match may be substantially less than the comparatively necessary HLA match for bone marrow transplants at high cell count. Die erforderlichen Zellzahlen und techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter Korrelation zu dem HLA-Match sind zwar im Stand der Technik beschrieben, haben aber noch keinen systematischen Einzug in die etablierten Verfahren gefunden.

The required number of cells and their correlation with the HLA match are been described in the prior art, but have not found a systematic way into the established procedures. Coordinators and cord blood banks now face the task of identifying mating preparations in individual tests and compare it with the patient data.

This is all the more difficult because the preparations in question are techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter spread over several banks and are described by various methods and standards. Die Spenderzellen Quellmaterial stammen aus einer zertifizierten Quelle Nab There will be described an overall system SCBS for expanding and "matched" stem cells not only umbilical cord bloodwhich is the entire life and production cycle source material extraction, production, certified quality assurance and delivery.

The whole system meets the regulatory requirements for quality and standards according to FDA etc. Sie beinhalten dabei eine definierte Charakteristik und sind durch techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter behandelnden Arzt direkt verwendbar. They contain thereby a defined characteristic and can be used directly by the attending physician.

The reactivity of the test fabric or microarray samples are stored in a database and in relation to other information of the patient from whom the test fabric, set eg, age, weight, sex, medical history. Thus comparisons and correlations of biological response capabilities between the test tissue and the samples on the microarray are created.

Es wird nicht offenbart, wie die Korrelation im Bezug techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter eine konkrete Fragestellung ablaufen soll. It is not disclosed how to run the correlation with respect to a specific question. Rather, reference is made to the general options that correspond to the prior art.

Die GB A beschreibt ein System um biologische Zeillinienexperimente mit Bildauswertung automatisiert ablaufen und auswerten zu lassen. GB A describes a system for biological Zeillinienexperimente with image analysis to be automated and can be evaluated. The system consists firstly of a unit, which makes it possible to define new experiments and to run automated, the system being open to the effect that any experiments and devices can be registered and used modular.

The second system component including the automated analysis image processing of the experiments - this is primarily made to the image analysis of assays, ie the results of the assay the experiments are fed into the system and analyzed by it.

The overall system independently controls the implementation and analysis of a plurality of successive experiments. The implementation process can be flexibly defined purpose or adapted. The results are stored in a database and displays the results via flexible customizable reports to the user.

GB A shows that entire laboratory processes can be automated for experiments with techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter lines. The same is known from industrial practice of many application domains.

GB A specifies a frame scaffold for automated data analysis as part of the process. As part of changing laboratory processes to funnel information to evaluate successively by different software applications or to process the data in parallel, is complex and requires the individual human coordination manual data formatting or costly individual programming.

The techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter enables flexible registration connection of laboratory equipment controls to use this as part of individually and freely definable experiment procedures.

Similarly, analysis equipment and analysis software to register flexible and integrated into the overall process. Die Informationen werden in einer Datenbank gespeichert. The information is stored in a database. It is shown that a task that previously required manual support by qualified personnel who techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter run fully automated. However, the problem solution lies in efficient equipment coupling and not in efficient selection of specific cell preparations.

By means of mathematical and statistical techniques it is made possible by the neural network, automated new samples to generate satisfying a desired task. It can therefore be used mathematical and statistical self-learning algorithms to answer specific questions regarding a desired biomolecule. However, the algorithms are not transferable to other systems, but can only be used in said system.

Die Lymphozyten stammen von peripherem Blut von Spendern, die zumindest in 4 Loci mit dem Patienten matchen. Bestimmte Tumore, Virusinfektionen und Autoimmunerkrankungen sollen mittel HLA gematchten allogenen aktivierten Lymphozyten behandelt werden. The lymphocytes derived from peripheral blood of donors who match on at least 4 loci with the patient.

Certain tumors, viral infections and autoimmune diseases to be treated medium HLA matched allogeneic activated lymphocytes. It will not make any statements about the exact selection process. Furthermore, DE 30 T2 discloses a method which makes it possible to analyze multiple biological samples by means of a sensor platform, simultaneously in a high quality type quantitatively.

Here, the chemical and physical properties of a sample to be analyzed are determined from the sensor platform and introduced into a particular signal evaluation. In the prior art does not describe exactly how the selection of the preparations. Furthermore, it is described no selection system in the prior art that a suitable preparation selects and the coordinator can drain presents the results accordingly and, if necessary, automated.

This is a solution strategy in the event that no suitable large preparation is found then the search problem in two or more products is extended to include together enough cells and additionally both among themselves and with the patient ei. It was accordingly an object of the invention to provide a system which does not have the disadvantages of the prior art and allows for the selection and distribution of the suitable preparation, wherein this further selection criteria should still be used.

Surprisingly, the object is solved by the independent claims. Preferred embodiments of the invention emerge from the subclaims. Im Sinne der Erfindung beschreibt ein System techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter Gesamtheit von technischen Einzelbestandteilen, die aufeinander bezogen sind und wechselwirken.

For the purposes of the invention, a system describes a set of individual technical components, which are related to one another and interact. Advantageously, a system, both programs and data processing systems may include computers as well as elements such as transportation containers, NSB preparations.

For the purposes of the invention, processing units preferably describe input units are input via the data or information, and are preferably stored in digital form. So it may be advantageous medical system, such as analyzers, the analyzed data is automatically loaded into the system and this is no manual input is required.

For the purposes of the invention, the molecular diagnostic describes a diagnosis, the disease-specific biomarkers preferably by means of custom-made probes on imaging in the body of the patient either - in vivo - or indirectly from samples taken - in vitro - shows.

In addition, molecular biological methods may be, which also serve to detect biomarkers. The advantages of molecular diagnostics compared to standard methods, the higher sensitivity and faster response time. By the effective interaction of the system components, a synergistic effect is generated, which is characterized in that a system for all of these processes is available and thus can be monitored all the operations of the system centrally but also locally and controlled.

All institutions involved in transplantation comprising hospitals, NSB banks or doctors can gain access to the system and monitor the progress of transplantation. The inventive system, compare the incoming patient data or request data by means of a techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter compatibility matrix and varying ordering criteria with the data or information data of registered cell preparations.

Vorteilhafterweise erfolgt der Vergleich vollautomatisch, wobei ein behandelnder Arzt vorteilhafterweise online auf die Daten zugreifen kann. Advantageously, the comparison is fully automatic, with an attending physician advantageously can access the data online.

Advantageously, solution proposals can be submitted automatically to the physician, which single preparation techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter or which mating preparations multi-Transplant for transplantation come into question. Es kann b So the real advantage of "ready to use" stored can NSB preparations towards the lengthy comparative search coordinators are fundamentally changed and improved significantly. The system is suitable for all biological, biochemical or chemical substances other a time-critical mediation in transplantation or medical applications are subject.

For this, the products of service providers can be analyzed, the UCB bank preferably techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter distribution of samples regulated.

The data is stored for later retrieval. For example, in so-called lab roads, which are a kind series of different analytical devices, NSB preparations are analyzed quickly and efficiently and characterized.

The storage medium or data memory is used according to the invention to store and retrieve information. The data can be supplemented advantageously at any time by another and are preferably in digital form. Es kann bevorzugt sein, dass das Speichermedium ein Massenspeicher mit bevorzugt magnetischer Aufzeichnungstechnik oder Halbleiterspeichertechnik ist.

It may be preferable that the storage medium is a mass storage with preferably magnetic recording technology or semiconductor memory technology. A mass storage referred to in the sense of the invention, a storage medium which stores a large amount of data or information preferably over a longer period. Advantageously, a mass memory can be used with magnetic marking technique to write binary data on the surface of a rotating ferromagnetic disk.

Halbleiterspeicher sind im Sinne der Erfindung Datenspeicher, die aus einem Halbleiter bestehen, in die mittels der Halbleitertechnologie integrierte Schaltkreise realisiert werden. Semiconductor memories are the purposes of the invention, data storage, consisting of a semiconductor, in which are implemented by means of semiconductor technology, integrated circuits.

The data is stored in the form of binary electronic switching states in the integrated circuits. This results in a permanent and safe storage of the data is possible. Die Anfragedaten werden ebenfalls mittels Verarbeitungseinheiten in das System eingegeben und auf einem Speichermedium gespeichert.

The request data is also input by means of processing units in the system and stored on a storage medium. The request data are in accordance with the invention, data characterizing the particular receiver or a potential receiver of the NSB preparations. The data of the potential recipient may also be present as request data in techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter system. The genomic data comprises in a preferred embodiment, the simple monoploid or haploid set of genetic material ie, double-stranded DNA which is present in eukaryotes substantially in the form of linear chromosomes.

Aus dieser Information kann eine Ursache-Wirkungsbeziehung zwischen Erbinformation Sequenz und der Eigenschaften des Organismus aufgefunden werden. In this case the Techniken fur die mit binaren optionen arbeitsblatter of an organism, an organ, a tissue or cell is isolated and the sequence determined sequence of all base pairs of DNA.

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