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Criticism from a number of media outlets, sporting experts, and human rights groups highlighted problems such as Qatar's limited football history, the high expected cost, the local climate, and Qatar's human rights record. Several FIFA members have since gone on record saying that the decision to award the tournament to Qatar was a "mistake", including Theo Zwanziger [2] and ex-president Sepp Blatter. One of the most touched-on issues of the Qatar World Cup was the treatment of workers hired to build the infrastructure.

Human Rights Watch and the International Trade Union Confederation allege that the Kafala system leaves migrant workers vulnerable to systematic abuse. We are aware this cannot be done overnight. Even if reforms Qatar has promised are implemented, employers will still have considerable power over workers.

For example, a proposed requirement that wages must be paid into a designated bank account will not cover laborers paid in cash. The Nepalese ambassador to Qatar, Maya Kumari Sharma, said that Qatar had become "an open jail" for workers from her homeland. The Guardian wrote that their investigation "found evidence to suggest that thousands of Nepalese, who make up the single largest group of labourers in Qatar, face exploitation and abuses that amount to modern-day slavery, as defined by the International Labour Organisationduring a building binge paving the way for ".

Nepalese workers in Qatar have been dying at a rate of one per day. Workers told The Guardian they were promised high salaries before coming to Qatar and then their contracts were destroyed upon their arrival to Qatar. Some said they had not been paid in months, but the construction companies denied them their worker IDs or passports, rendering them trapped. Workers described having to beg for food and being beaten. They could try to escape, but if caught without proper papers, they would be arrested.

The status of homosexuality as illegal in Qatar attracted attention in the media. What we want to do is open this game to everybody, and to open it to all cultures, and this is what we are doing in ". However, no such screening test exists. It was later revealed that this proposal came from Kuwait and not Qatar. Two doctors from Qatar's Aspetar sports hospital in Doha who gave an interview in November to Qatar Today magazine said the climate would be an issue, stating that the region's climate would "affect performance levels from a health point of view" of professional athletes, specifically footballers, that "recovery times between games would be longer" than in a temperate climate and that, on the field of play, "more mistakes would be made".

Additionally, one of the doctors said that "total acclimation to the Qatari climate is impossible". Qatar bid's chief executive, Hassan al-Thawadi said "Heat is not and will not be an issue". Each of the five stadiums will harness the power of the sun's rays to provide a cool environment for players and fans by converting solar energy into trading secrets revealed pdf qatar that will then be used trading secrets revealed pdf qatar cool both fans and players at the stadiums.

When games are not taking place, the solar installations at the stadiums will export energy onto the power grid. During matches, the stadiums will draw energy from the grid. The notion of staging the tournament in winter proved controversial; Blatter has said the tournament won't take place in January or February, because it may clash with the Winter Olympicstrading secrets revealed pdf qatar while others expressed trading secrets revealed pdf qatar over a Trading secrets revealed pdf qatar or December event, because it might clash with the Christmas season even though Qatar is predominantly Muslim, the football players in the tournament are predominantly Christian.

FA Chairman Greg Dyke said, shortly after he took his job inthat he was open to either a winter tournament or moving the tournament to another country. In Octobera taskforce was commissioned to consider alternative dates, and report after the World Cup in Brazil.

This was controversial within FIFA itself, due to a possible conflict with the Christmas season, and Vice President Jim Boyce responded in saying that "it absolutely has not been decided as far as the executive committee are concerned.

It was agreed all the stakeholders should meet, all the stakeholders should have an input and then the decision would be made, and that decision as far as I understand will not be taken until the end of or the March executive meeting in As it stands it remains in the summer with no decision expected until end of or March ".

However, this proved just as problematic as doing so would disrupt the calendar of a number of domestic leagues, particularly in Europe. He justified his proposal on the grounds that Qatar would be saving money, which otherwise they would have spent in cooling the stadiums.

The notion of holding the Cup during Europe's winter was further boosted by UEFA President Michel Platini 's indicating that he was ready to rearrange the European club trading secrets revealed pdf qatar accordingly. Platini's vote for the summer World Cup went to Qatar.

In this regard, he questioned if fans and players could take part in the summer temperatures. In addition to trading secrets revealed pdf qatar by European leagues, Frank Lowychairman of Football Federation Australiasaid a change of the World Cup date from trading secrets revealed pdf qatar to winter would upset the schedule of the A-League and said they would seek compensation from FIFA should the decision go ahead. In Septemberit was alleged that FIFA had held talks with broadcasters over the decision to change the date of the World Cup as it doing so could cause potential clashes with other scheduled television programming.

The network said they bought the rights with the understanding the tournament would take place in the summer, and if the change did go ahead they would seek compensation.

As ever, it seemed, FIFA was looking after itself". On 24 Februaryit was announced that a winter World Cup would go ahead in favour of the traditional summertime event. The event is scheduled to be held between November and December.

Commentators have noted the clash with the Christmas season is likely to cause disruption, whilst there is concern for how short the tournament is intended to be. The Africa Cup of Nations will also be moved from January to June to avoid African players from having a relatively quick two-week turnaround, although the monsoonal rainy season in its host country Guinea starts about that time. Also, he said "the Doha Metro trading secrets revealed pdf qatar with four integrated lines would cover km and 96 stations.

In the first phase, the network would run a length of 84 km and would include 38 stations by There would be a light rail transport network in Lusail with 32 km of tracks and 35 stations. The project is connected to Doha Metro". According to a staff writer for BQ in"Qatar currently has about 2, km of highways and the set plan is for 8, km byin addition to public transport bus lines". The writer quoted Jassim bin Saif Al Sulaiti, Minister of transport, who said "local roads now extend to an area covering 9, km and the set plan is to increase this area to cover 34, km We currently have bridges connecting roads and it is expected that the number of bridges would reach byin addition to increasing the number of tunnels from the current one to 32 in the future".

According to a staff writer for BQ"work is underway to improve the public bus service and infrastructure and a plan of action has beendrawn up covering a period of five years". The trading secrets revealed pdf qatar quoted Jassim bin Saif Al Sulaiti, Minister of transport, who said "Qatar has allocated QR 5 billion over the next five years to develop the current fleet of buses in the public transport company to a network of 2, buses".

However, no specific countries were named in the report. At the time of being awarded the tournament, Qatar were ranked in the world, [51] and had never qualified for the World Cup before. The furthest the team had ever progressed in the AFC Asian Cup was to trading secrets revealed pdf qatar quarter-finals in repeated inas hosts. The most prestigious accolade the team had won was the Arabian Gulf Cup twice, both times hosting won once again inin Saudi Arabia.

Qatar will be the smallest country to host the World Cup smaller than hosts Switzerland and, as ofhad a permanent population of less than one million people, less than the 1. Trading secrets revealed pdf qatar facts led some to question the strength of football culture in Qatar and if that trading secrets revealed pdf qatar them unsuitable World Cup hosts.

The Qatari national team has also been known to naturalize players from foreign nations. Qatar also hires migrant workers to fill their empty stadiums in the Qatar Stars Leaguepaying them one dollar an hour to "sit in the stadiums and pretend to have fun". Hassan Abdulla al Thawadi, chief executive of the Qatar World Cup bid, said the Muslim state would also permit alcohol consumption during the event. The head of the Qatar bid delegation stated that if Israel were to qualify, they would be able to compete in the World Cup despite Qatar's not trading secrets revealed pdf qatar the state of Israel.

There have been allegations of bribery or corruption in the selection process involving members of FIFA's executive committee. According to then vice-President Jack Warneran email has been trading secrets revealed pdf qatar about the possibility that Qatar 'bought' the World Cup through bribery via Mohammed bin Hammam who was president of the Asian Football Confederation at the time. Qatar's officials in the bid team for have denied any wrongdoing. She also denied being put under any pressure to make her retraction.

FIFA confirmed receiving an email from her which stated her retraction. The Daily Telegraph reported that it understands that the U. FBI is investigating Warner and his alleged links to the Qatari bid. Bin Hamman and all trading secrets revealed pdf qatar accused of accepting bribes denied the charges. Later in JuneQatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker gave an interview to German media in June stating that the allegations are being driven by envy and mistrust by parties who do not want the World Cup staged in Qatar, and that the country is not getting the respect it deserves over its efforts to hold the World Cup.

He reiterated that the Qatari Emir strictly punishes and forbids instances of corruption and bribery with a zero-tolerance policy. In an interview published on 7 JuneDomenico Scalathe head of FIFA's Audit And Compliance Committee, stated that "should there be evidence that the awards to Qatar and Russia came only because of bought votes, then the awards could be cancelled".

In reaction to the Qatar diplomatic crisis over the support of terrorism by the Qatari Governmentthe president of the German Football AssociationReinhard Grindel stated in Trading secrets revealed pdf qatarthat "the football associations of the world should conclude that major tournaments cannot be held in countries which actively support terrorism", and that the German Football Association will talk with UEFA and the German Government in order to evaluate whether to boycott the tournament in Qatar in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Human rights in Qatar. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Effects of weather on sport. Retrieved 2 March Retrieved 17 February Awarding Qatar World Cup may have been 'mistake ' ". Retrieved 15 September Retrieved 16 May Retrieved 17 May World Cup hosts Qatar face scrutiny over 'slavery' accusations". Retrieved 17 April End corporate exploitation of migrant construction workers". Qatar's World Trading secrets revealed pdf qatar 'slaves ' ". Retrieved 25 April Stadium builders working in 'sub-human' conditions".

Retrieved 2 December Gays should 'refrain from sexual activities' in Qatar Football". Retrieved 14 July Qatar won't clash with Winter Olympics". Retrieved 29 May Fifa taskforce to seek new dates for tournament". Retrieved 9 January Archived from the original on 9 December

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