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A very tradingview btcusd longs version of the tradingview btcusd longs. Basically it is the landing page but optomised for small screen devices. When signinig up for a new acount on Bitfinex. Just follow the link or copy the code. By becoming an affiliate of Bfxdata you also help in keeping this project alive. You won't pay this on top of you normal fees.

So not only will you get a 30 day fee discount, also you tradingview btcusd longs in keeping this service online. Lot's of people asked for a csv-download option for bfxdata. Just added a new page with a collection of csv-files. Let us know if you like aditional variables. Made some changes to the mobile parts of BFXdata.

The android app and the mobile site will display live updates now. Also added some missing data: Added a th1btc orderbook pagealso a temporary TH1 Swap page. I'm waiting for the bitfinex team to provide me with the live swap feed for TH1.

So for now tradingview btcusd longs incomplete page The landing page now updates the data tradingview btcusd longs real time. See it in action here. BFXdata has a new landing page.

The new page shows you an organized collection of the most important Bitfinex stats. Both for trading and for Total Return Swaps, all in one page so you'll have an instant overview of whats going on on Bitfinex at the moment and for the tradingview btcusd longs 24h. Also suggestions for improvement are welcome! BFXdata is on twitter: Adressed the depth charts resetting zoom after a update of a chart with new data.

When zoomed the chart will keep the selected view. Just added two new pages to the sentiment menu to keep track of price differences between the different exchanges: I've just addeda FRR Swap calculator to bfxdata.

I've just replaced the Swap Return Calulator in the bfxdata. The new calculator will display "normal" and compounded returns on Swaps. Be aware that the compounded returns are strictly theoretical, as a Swap provided will never have a fully compounded interest rate on their provided swaps.

It is an indication of what returns one might tradingview btcusd longs when auto-renew is enabled for the same rate as the active Swap. The calculations would be accurate if returns on swaps would be taken instantly after the daily Swap Return payout.

The compounding was a feature request tradingview btcusd longs quite a few users, so here you go. Hope you'll like it. Next I'll be building a Swap calculator for FRR Swaps, where the user can specify a period in the past and the calculator will output returns and fees on the variable FRR rate during that period.

If someone tradingview btcusd longs verify my calculations by doing some math, that would be very much appreciated! Id did check it myself of course, but a little miscalculation might have snug in Wink. I've added a few new pages. Hope you'll like them and make good use of them. I haven't been sitting on my hands lately and have just finished a little project I've been working on. I've added 3 new pages to bfxdata. The new pages wil tradingview btcusd longs you a real-time view on bitfinex Tradingview btcusd longs.

Just check out the pages and I think it will be more or less self explanatory when you see them. If not, do let me know. Big thanks to the Bitfinex team for providing me with the tradingview btcusd longs transaction data!

More or less back to normal operations. Thank you all very much for your contributions, in word and coin. History on some charts is a bit reduced for now. I will try to resolve this. Sorry for tradingview btcusd longs the hickups Back online, still a few glitches, but most tradingview btcusd longs again. Thanks for all the feedback. Last night my web hosting provider decided my website uses too much resources too often My account was deleted without notfying me first, including all my data.

I've lost part of my code and part of my db damn I should've backed up more often I'll try to recover my lost data. For now I've relaunched the site, but you'll notice there will be data missing and performance will be a lot slower. I'm in serious need of better web hosting. Just keep in mind I do this for fun. Also I did some server tuning, pages should load a bit faster now.

Thanks everyone for the donations! You can now visit this site at www. Old address will also remain reachable. Added Profit Loss Calculators for traders. There is a clculator for Long positions and another for Short positions.

Check the calculator menu entry and the help secction for more information. Made tradingview btcusd longs mobile friendly version similar to the android app. Check Mobile entry in navigation bar. If you have some spare Darkcoin cents and whish to support bfxdata. The pie chart represents the total volume of Margin Funding opened in the specified period, split up in percentages for long and short Margin Funding. The tables show the data used for the charts: The content on this website is subject to change at any time without notice, and is provided as an educational service for the sole purpose of assisting traders to make independent investment decisions.

Margin Funding Select Symbol: See it in action here August 28, BFXdata has a new landing page. See it in action here August 16, BFXdata is on twitter: August 8, Just added two new pages to the sentiment menu to keep track of price differences between the different exchanges: Id did check it myself tradingview btcusd longs course, but a little miscalculation might have snug in Wink Juli 26, I've added a few new pages.

Tradingview btcusd longs 3, I haven't been sitting on my hands lately and have just finished a little project I've been working on. June 21, More or less back to normal operations. June 16, Back online, still a few glitches, but most works again. May 2, Added Profit Loss Calculators for traders.

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