Foreign Exchange Trader jobs

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This section contains all our foreign exchange jobs 'FX' or 'forex'including sales, trading, structuring and investing. FX jobs crop up in investment banks, trading houses, asset managers, hedge funds, commercial banks and corporates companies.

Within companies, corporate treasury departments manage the organisation's exposure to trainee fx trader broker in exchange rates. Fundamentally, forex jobs and money broker jobs are all about predicting how economic factors and or government intervention cause currencies to rise in value appreciate or fall in value depreciate against one another.

Within investment banks, FX traders typically focus on trading currency trainee fx trader broker, the most common of which are: A large proportion of FX trading is comprised of so-called 'spot trading,' where currencies are bought and sold for immediate deliver. Equally, however, a significant proportion of FX trading jobs involve derivatives such as futures trainee fx trader broker products in which contracts are exchanged agreeing to trade one currency for another for a specified price at a particular point in the future, as well as swaps and options.

Most trainee fx trader broker derivatives are highly liquid and traded on major exchanges. However, FX derivative products are also traded over the counter OTCbilaterally, between individual buyers and sellers without going through exchanges.

Most FX trading takes place electronically using electronic execution platforms that allow banks and corporate clients to place foreign exchange trades online, without having to place them through actual human traders. Sales jobs and careers in FX are typically divided into different client types. For example, some salespeople will focus on selling FX products to hedge trainee fx trader broker.

Others will focus on selling FX products and electronic trading systems to private clients, asset managers, pension funds or corporates. This section also contains our money market jobs. Money markets are markets for short term fixed income trainee fx trader broker of less than one year.

Products traded in money markets are very liquid and can typically be bought and sold quickly and easily, meaning they're considered very low risk and similar to cash. So-called money market funds invest in products such as government bonds.

However, in a climate of sovereign debt defaults these may prove far less safe and liquid than they're supposed to be. Money market careers can include, for example, repo trading roles, in which holders of government securities sell them on to a counterparty, but agree to buy them back for a specified price at an agreed date no more than 30 days in the future.

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