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The Guild We are a friendly guild of traders and farmers. We don't PK Nuians unprovoked. Was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo we are in neutral territory, we don't kill fleeing people. At the moment we are about 40 people not chars!

We clean out members that are offline for one month. People that become active again afterwards are free to join in again. The average age of our members is about While all of our members are german at this point, I would love to have an international section. Still, we don't care about your level, class, skill or experience, it's more important for us to have fun and do what we like as long as it doesn't harm bystanders.

We just want you to fit into our rows. More land and merchantships! Contact If you're still here, reading and interested in joining, just send me a message here or send me an owl inGame - my charname is "Niemand". Also, our recruiter "Maui" will be at your services. He's a cute and funny guy, feel free to talk to him, but stay nice. But at first ask them if they speak english or if you are able to speak it: If you don't like us or don't fit in, you can leave again would be nice if you would tell us that and why you leave.

Gold for the guild is sent to me, listed in an open-for-all-members google-spreadsheet and put into my bankstorage. Transparency is important for trust. Did some formatting, edited some text and added a german translation below.

Also an update in the inGame-Equipment-List. We made some new friends. Updated the guilddescription membercountsequipment, requirements and the Diplomacies. Wir ermorden keine Nuianer, ohne provoziert zu werden. Das Durchschnittsalter unserer Mitglieder liegt bei etwa Uns ist wichtig, dass unsere Mitglieder in unsere Gruppe passen. Mehr Land und mehr Handelsschiffen!

Kontakt Wenn Ihr immernoch hier seid, lest und weiterhin Interesse an einem Beitritt habt, dann schickt mir einfach hier eine Nachricht oder inGame eine Eule - mein Charaktername ist "Niemand". Er ist ein niedlicher und lustiger Was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo, scheut euch nicht ihn anzuschreiben - aber bleibt lieb. Fragt am Anfang, ob die Person deutsch oder englisch spricht. Das tut keinem was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo. Diplomatie Als Freunde empfunden: Wir haben ein paar neue Freunde gefunden.

I really like the sound of this guild. I'm not sure if I am a guild kinda person though, still, I wish you and your guild all the best! Even if I got no message that there was a reply What I definitively activated! Feel free to check us out if you decided that you are looking for a guild.

Hi, I'm interested in your Guild. Sorry, but Was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo only speak English I can swear in multiple languages.

As my time zone is UK based how likely am I to meet and 'play' with other Guild members, if needed. Protecting trade runs over the water. I have one of those to complete ; I only have, despite being lvl 30, a small scarecrow farm I am working towards a farm house and clipper I am, err, a very mature player. You told me so already. Sadly we couldn't connect. Next time I'll write a mail when whisper doesn't cut it.

For all those, who are not able to understand english, I added a german translation in the second post. I really like was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo way you do things Niemand. The double English and Deutsch.

Thanks mate, I appreciate your support! Tell me when you're streaming again, I might stalk you a bit then. Ow, actually I should adjust my signature. It was for an event that is done now. I might stream in the future, but my PC is not handling it very well. I made a little graphical update. And since we finished our Merchant-Shooner yesterday I also changed the list of our inGame-Equipment. D Ich hab ein kleines grafisches Update gemacht. Was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo we had some negotiations with other nuian-guilds and made a few new friends.

Durch gestrige Verhandlungen mit anderen nuianischen Gilden konnten wir noch ein paar Freunde gewinnen. Hallo, I have was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo the topic.

And I like was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo way you all work. I'm a real nupe in this kind of game's, is the first MMO I like: So does that matter, I'm now in the guild of Blood who also placed some reactions and there it is no problem. But we are small, and we are all thinking about maybe to transfer a character to a bigger guild. So if this is to much info please tell me. I just read your post, I hope you do not mind that it's one day and a few hours later. We have no problem with somebody who is not online or does not take part in guild-activities that often.

As long this person has no issue with our new ranking system which I introduced last sunday. The new promotion system would support those, who contribute to the guild - be it with gold or with activities. It does, however, NOT punish those who are not able to or do not want to contribute. The only "punishment" is, that they do not rank up. We will still was es bedeutet trader zu werden auf englisch hallo to work on this new system a bit adjusting the prices for the ranks and how we see that people contribute.

Also, we have three states of activity: We do not need to know about your life-details but "I am on vacations" or "I am switching internet-providers" or "I am moving to a new flat. And if you go to india to think about your life: Send us some pictures! It can happen if your PC fries up or your house burns down. It's not your fault. But I hope and guess it is understandable that we want to have a quite "clean" memberlist, without people that are inactive. I dont want to say "We have members!

I also do not count alts into our membercounts - at least I try to and it seems to work quite well. We also have a few other players that are only mostly in the mornings, because they have to work at night.

Or people with switching shifts. We can live with that and those members do contribute a lot to the guild, so I am happy to have them - even if I can mostly not play with them actively.

I hope this answered your questions. If you have more, feel free to ask. Hallo Niemand, Thanks for answer me. I don't mind that it took a day and few hours, because everybody have hopely a live. I'm a person who also has work with switching shifts, and when I come home after a evening shift I try to log in only if it is for 1 hour.

And every other weekend I have to work to. But if I make my decision to choose a guild, this 1 stay high into my list!!!!! Thank you babbeltjes, I hope to see you around in the game. He revised the old one quite well. The Main-Post is now up2date. In the next update I will hopefully introduce our rankingsystem. D Der Hauptbeitrag ist jetzt aktuell. Lately, since we gained a few non-german members, we try to keep the banter in english.

Still, a fist full of our members are not able to speak english, but most of them try to and, if needed, we translate it.

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The EU-US trade deal will bring benefits to both sides, but will pose challenges to the internal trade for both sides, plus harm the economies of other countries, writes a Czech commentator following the publication of a report by the Bertelsmann Foundation. The European Union and the United States are currently the largest trade and investment partners in the world, accounting for almost half of the global gross domestic product and almost a third of the volume of all world trade.

Some traditional business ties within the EU, will, however, be almost sure to weaken. Its creation eliminated scores of administrative and technical barriers between the markets taking part.

Removing regulatory barriers to mutual trade with the US brings a certain risk of the diversification of trade links that would be caused by the loss of some of the current benefits that come from preferential treatment within the internal market. If the agreement is signed, trade between Germany and the US could almost double. Similarly, total turnover in international trade between the US and Italy, Greece and Portugal is also predicted to increase.

Mutual trade between Germany and France, according to the estimates, would drop by up to 23 per cent, and between Germany and the United Kingdom by up to 40 per cent. Economic ties among the European states nevertheless play an important role, and to a large extent they are reflected in policy decisions taken in the context of European integration. Naturally, the question of whether the drop-off in economic cooperation will have an effect on the unity of the union as a whole arises.

In this context, we must be aware that no matter how ambitious the agreement to dismantle a significant amount of regulatory barriers, it will probably not bring with it a degree of harmonisation as extensive as that which currently exists among the member states of the European Union.

The transatlantic free trade area may also help advance the project to complete the internal market and liberalise areas where certain partial barriers to mutual trade are still in place and over-regulation lingers on.

Making mutual trade between the EU and the US easier will not only bring an increase in trade, but also reduce production costs and purchase prices, which will be reflected in greater economic growth. Those who will benefit most from the agreement will be states that have traditionally strong trade ties to the United States, such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Considerable economic growth, however, will also be felt in Spain and Italy, which to some extent will replace more expensive imports from the European Union with less expensive products from the United States. One intriguing outcome of the study is that the transatlantic partnership will not lead to a further entrenching of the economic differences between the traditionally strong northern states and those in the south, which has been hit hard by the crisis, but rather the contrary.

Successful negotiations on the partnership will open up new business opportunities for small, medium and large enterprises on both shores of the Atlantic, and so significantly boost the creation of new jobs. Increasing the volume of trade between the parties can, under the best scenario, give rise to more than one million new jobs across the EU. In times of crisis and rising unemployment, the agreement can become a relatively low-cost stimulus package to spur economic growth and boost employment.

The partnership between the European Union and the United States will become the most important bilateral trade agreement in history, not only in terms of the volume of international trade that would be subject to its rules, but, above all, in how it will influence international trade as a whole.

The agreement between the two main drivers of the global economy will send a clear signal that both partners have enough clout to influence and to create new rules and standards of the global trade markets of the 21st Century. According to the results of the study, the profits to the signatories to the agreement will, in essence, come out of the pockets of other countries.

The weakening of their trade links with the EU and the United States can lead to significant economic losses in those other countries, linked to a rise in unemployment and a fall in real income. Last but not least, the timetable has to be looked at realistically.

The ambition to close the deal on the transatlantic partnership within two years is probably out of step with the complexity of the agreement. The direction and the dynamics of the negotiations we will soon discover. The United States are betting on the need for Brussels to bring some visible boost to the sagging economy of the EU.

On both sides of the Atlantic, everyone knows that elections are not won by liberalising international trade. Factual or translation error?