Key Terms in Option-to-Purchase Agreements

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Are you a wholesaler, a rehabber, a landlord, or even a turnkey investor? View all Local Real Estate forums. What is an option to purchase fee is the first time I've heard of an option fee being anything other than an arbitrary number. Does this mean it should be calculated, If so based on what. Just wondering about when u say, you record the option I realize is to "cloud title", BUT how will this stop the seller from selling the property?

I mean isn't there a "Time Gap" in California for the recording to show? Just trying to capish. Josh Caldwell may want to add. You can even show a release fee on the HUD 1. Thanks josh, Can you what is an option to purchase fee what you mean by "it is getting harder to do an assignment".

What is different now? Some states, Bill Smith are not liking assigning agreements, so the option what is an option to purchase fee is a workaround. If you are on title, such as sub2 or wrap, and resell that is less of an issue, as you are an owner, not an assignor. Bill I would say that Brian's advice about getting a licence is a good idea. You get a lot more leeway it seems by having one, with the only disadvantage being you have to have everyone sign a bunch of extra disclosures that you aren't doing anything remotely acting as an agent.

That being said I have known people that have done LO assignments without any issues and you see vanilla wholesale assignments of non bank owned places all the time here. As amazing as it might seem MA doesn't seem to be all that into going that extra mile some states are to increase regulation of this stuff.

Josh Caldwell You have a way with words, thanks: So am I to understand that I would register my option at the county? Are we talking about a straight option or the option to buy agreement form that needs to be registered? So the option release fee will be given to me directly by the buyer what is an option to purchase fee they exercise the option or at the time of assignment?

It is just a legal doc that says that I have an option on the property. It doesnt disclose the amount of my purchase price or the length of my option.

All it does is it puts the breaks on any closing that doesnt clear it with me first. Just to test the watersOwner called me immediately, we talked for less than 10 minutes, and even though they are not motivated to sale their house any time soon, him and his wife agreed to do the LOA. I dont know the answer in CA. In my state you release and don't dare assign, but my state is weird.

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Properties For Sale Buy and sell real estate deals or seek out partners, financing, etc. Get the book now. Real Estate Books Shop books covering real estate investing and personal finance. Real Estate Forms Leases and other legal documents for landlords. Log In Sign up. Forums Arrow Rent to Own a. Originally posted by Bill G.: Options have a measurable value, not some arbitrary number cooked up as something you can get some unsophisticated buyer to agree to.

Seller Concessions can be used from seller to assist tenant buyer. PM me if I can help. Originally posted by Brian Gibbons: I'm learning a lot in this forum, thanks Brian.

Brian Gibbons is correct it is getting harder to do an assignement in a bunch of states, so how the trick is to register your option. You can even show a release fee on the HUD 1 to your success Josh. Florida and Ohio especially. Being licensed helps this issue. If you are in MASS, look at getting licensed and get on title before you resell.

Go Red Sox Nation! Originally posted by Brian Gibbons ibbons: Thanks for the ShoutOut Brian. Podcast Guest on Show I hope that clears things up Josh. Originally posted by Josh Caldwell: This helps a lot.

So far so what is an option to purchase fee ; Where is Bill G.? I've learned so much from reading his posts. Log in Sign up. Log in Email Password Forgot password?

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