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Many database set options can be configured for the current session by using SET Statements Transact-SQL and are often configured by applications when they connect.

The database options described below are values that can be set for sessions that do not explicitly provide other set option values. Is the name of the database to be modified. The database is shut down cleanly and its resources are freed after the last user exits. The database automatically reopens when a user tries to use the database wie die optionen.

The database remains open after the last user exits. They can be moved, copied to make backups, or even e-mailed to other users. To resolve this, execute a Wie die optionen statement to open the database.

Clearing the plan cache wie die optionen a recompilation of all subsequent execution plans and can cause a sudden, temporary decrease in query performance. This message is logged every five minutes as long as the cache wie die optionen flushed within that time interval. The query optimizer creates statistics on single columns in query predicates, as necessary, to improve query plans and query performance. These single-column statistics are created when the query optimizer compiles queries.

The single-column statistics are created only on columns that are not already the first column of an existing statistics object. Der Standardwert ist ON.

The default wie die optionen ON. We recommend that you use the default setting for most databases. The query optimizer does not create statistics on single columns in query predicates when it is compiling queries.

Setting this option to OFF can cause suboptimal query plans and degraded query performance. Der Standardwert ist OFF. The default value is OFF. Wie die optionen database files are candidates for periodic shrinking. Both data file and log files can be automatically shrunk.

When set to OFF, the database files are not automatically shrunk during periodic wie die optionen for unused space. The file is shrunk to a size where 25 percent of the file is unused space, or to the size of the file when it was wie die optionen, whichever is larger.

You cannot shrink a read-only database. The database files are not automatically shrunk during periodic checks for unused space.

Specifies that the query optimizer updates statistics when they are used by a query and when they might be out-of-date. Statistics become out-of-date after insert, update, delete, or merge operations change the data distribution in the table or indexed view. The query optimizer determines when statistics might be wie die optionen by counting the number of data modifications since the last statistics update and comparing the number of modifications to a threshold.

The threshold is based on the number of rows in the table or indexed view. The query optimizer checks for out-of-date statistics before compiling a query and before executing a cached query plan. Before compiling wie die optionen query, the query optimizer uses the columns, tables, and indexed views in the query predicate to determine which statistics might be out-of-date.

Before executing a cached query plan, the Datenbankmodul Database Engine verifies that the query plan references up-to-date statistics. This option also applies to filtered statistics. Specifies that the query optimizer does not update statistics when they are used by a query and when they might be out-of-date. Der Abfrageoptimierer wartet nicht, bis Statistikupdates abgeschlossen sind, bevor Abfragen kompiliert werden.

The query optimizer does not wait for statistics updates to complete before it compiles queries. Der Abfrageoptimierer wartet, bis Statistikupdates abgeschlossen sind, bevor Abfragen kompiliert werden.

The query optimizer waits for statistcs updates to complete before it compiles queries. Weitere Informationen dazu, wann synchrone bzw. For more information that describes when to use synchronous or asynchronous statistics updates, see the section "Using the Database-Wide Statistics Options" in Statistics. Wenn die Leistung verbessert wurde, verwendet die Datenbankmodul Database Engine weiterhin wie die optionen neusten bekannten, geeigneten Plan.

If there are performance gains, the Datenbankmodul Database Engine will keep using last known good plan. The statement will fail if Query Store is not enabled or if wie die optionen is not in Read-Write mode. Diese Empfehlungen werden allerdings nicht automatisch angewendet. Wie die optionen, these recommendations are not automatically applied. Dies ist der Standardwert. Wie die optionen is the default value. Controls change tracking options.

You can enable wie die optionen tracking, set options, change options, and disable change tracking. Beispiele hierzu finden Sie im Abschnitt "Beispiele" weiter unten in diesem Thema. For examples, see the Examples section later in this topic. Wie die optionen change tracking for the database. Change tracking information is automatically removed after the specified retention period.

Change tracking data is not removed from the database. Specifies the minimum period for keeping change tracking information in the database. The default retention period is 2 days. Die Mindestbeibehaltungsdauer ist 1 Minute. The minimum retention period is 1 minute. The default retention type is DAYS. Disables change tracking for the database. You must disable change tracking on all tables before you can disable change tracking off the database.

Controls database containment options. The database is not a contained database. The database is a contained database. Setting database containment to partial will fail if the database has replication, change wie die optionen capture, or change tracking enabled. Error checking stops after one failure. For more information about contained databases, see Contained Databases. Any cursors open when a transaction is committed or rolled back are wie die optionen. The cursor name is wie die optionen only within this scope.

The cursor can be referenced by local cursor variables in the batch, stored procedure, or trigger, or a stored procedure OUTPUT parameter. The cursor is implicitly deallocated when the batch, stored procedure, or trigger ends, unless it was passed back in an OUTPUT parameter.

If the cursor is passed back in an OUTPUT parameter, the cursor is deallocated when the last variable that references it is deallocated or goes out of scope. Auf den Cursornamen kann in jeder gespeicherten Prozedur und in jedem Batch verwiesen werden, die bzw. The cursor name can be referenced in any stored procedure or batch executed by the connection.

Die Zuordnung des Cursors wird implizit nur aufgehoben, wenn die Wie die optionen getrennt wird. The cursor is implicitly deallocated only at disconnect. Correlation statistics are not maintained. Afterwards, multiple connections are supported.

Controls the database encryption state. When encryption is enabled at the database level all filegroups will be encrypted. Any new filegroups will inherit the encrypted property. You can see the encryption state of the database by using the sys. Steuert den Status der Datenbank. Controls the state of the database. The database is closed, shut down cleanly, and marked offline. The database cannot be modified while it is offline.

The database is open and available for use. This could enable the system administrator read-only access to the database. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Database States. For more information, see Database States. A database may be in the RESTORING state during an active restore operation or when a restore operation of a database or log file fails because of a corrupted backup file. Controls whether updates are allowed on the database.

Users can read data from the database but not modify it. For more information about statistics for a read-only database, see Statistics. The database is available for read and write operations.

To change this state, you must have exclusive access to the database. Steuert den Benutzerzugriff auf die Datenbank. Controls user access to the database.

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Consider the effects on your system carefully before setting these options. Konfigurationsoptionen treten wie folgt in Kraft: Configuration options take effect either: Reconfiguring certain options will invalidate plans in the plan cache, causing new plans to be compiled. Bei einigen Optionen tritt der neue Konfigurationswert erst nach einem Neustart des Servers in Kraft. Some options require a server restart before the new configuration value takes effect. In most cases, this eliminates the need for setting the values manually.

Examples include the min server memory and max server memory options and the user connections option. The following table lists all available configuration options, the range of possible settings, and default values.

Konfigurationsoptionen sind wie folgt mit Buchstabencodes gekennzeichnet: Configuration options are marked with letter codes as follows: Kategorien von Konfigurationsoptionen Categories of Configuration Options Konfigurationsoptionen treten wie folgt in Kraft: Darf nicht verwendet werden. Will cause an error during reconfigure. Serverarbeitsspeicher A, SC max server memory A, SC 16 16 max text repl size max text repl size 0 0 Max.

SQL Server Arbeitsspeicher pro Abfrage A min memory per query A Min. Affinity Mask A affinity mask A. Cursorschwellenwert A cursor threshold A.

Volltext-Standardsprache A default full-text language A. Standardablaufverfolgung aktiviert A default trace enabled A. Ergebnisse von Triggern nicht zulassen A disallow results from triggers A. Anzahl von Arbeitsthreads A max worker threads A. Arbeitsspeicher pro Abfrage A min memory per query A. Rang vorausberechnen A precompute rank A. Abfragewartezeit A query wait A. Remotezugriff RR remote access RR.